Step 6: Build Your Socket Insert Pt.3

Now you have to cut your center pin for the socket side.

This part is tricky as getting the length right can be a bit tedious, this is why I said to get extra wire studs. I went through about 6 before i got the perfect length

The first thing to do is put the pin from the Wire Stud into the socket, the hollow side should fit over the stock socket center pin easily. You may want to crimp the hollow end a bit to give it a tighter hold on the stock center pin.

Now put in the insert you made in the last step.

Next is to slowly cut bits of the center pin off, testing with your plug adaptor to make sure you haven't cut too much off.  Stop when you reach a length that allows your magnets to sit flush with the large washer of the insert while still allowing the center pins to make a connection.

When you find the right length you should wrap the pin with a bit of electrical tape to keep it from shorting out on the sides of the magnets when it is charging. Just be sure to leave the tip exposed.

Once you are close to the right length it may help to epoxy the socket insert down and leave the magnets un-epoxied. That way you have a bit of play on the magnet side to adjust and ensure a connection before you finalize the whole deal.

When you epoxy the insert down make sure it is sitting flush and hold it for a few minutes until it sets.

I would suggest that when you epoxy the insert down you take care not to get any epoxy into the actual socket of the laptop, just try to keep it only on the underside of the larger washer. This will make removal easier if it becomes necessary. 

Ensure it is all functional and epoxy down your magnets and you're done!