Step 6: Drying

Once you have wrapped all the strips onto the coaster, allow several hours for the coaster to dry.
<p>inspired by this ... made something similar with newspaper and pamphlets </p>
cool... i'm about to do it this weekend.. thanks for sharing ;)
Haha i thought about trying this. Thank you for posting an instrucable so I dont have to figure out how to do it on my own :)
You could also apply a foil edge to the entire thing. Copper foil you can get in various sizes for doing copper-foiled stained glass. You could even drive a pin or staple into the overlapping edges of the foil (it has a sticky back which will already aid in keeping it together) for even more extended life.
These are pretty temporary as is, because if you put a cold drink on them, condensation will form and wet the paper and Mod Podge and the whole thing will come apart. If you want to keep them for a while, seal them by thoroughly coating all sides with a water-resistant coating like spray acrylic or polyurethane. They still won't be completely waterproof, but they may last a bit longer.
greate idea....
Haha this is so cool! This is an excellent way of reusing old magazines. Thanks for sharing.
These are very cute. The trick with the paperclip is great, too.

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