Picture of Magazine Fed Pistol With Holster! NOW WITH TRUE TRIGGER!!!
This is my first pistol I have posted, but I have also made a moded killerk, mykhailo's semi-auto (the one on the forum) and one just for fun. It shoots green rods about 35 feet accurately, but 65 feet is the farthest with two elastics. This pistol can be equipped with a scope, bi-pod, stock, grenade launcher you name it. I am not including any of those in this instructable, but you can make those yourself. I am posting a rifle soon and that will include a bi-pod, scope, R.I.S front grip and maybe a grenade launcher. Read more on the last step of these instructions. and now it is updated!

The holster is the first I know of on the site. I don't know if it is the first, but that is what I'm hoping. You can mod it with bendy rods and other stuff if you like, but please give me credit. The stereotype holster clips to the leg, I used a simpler belt holster.

I give credit to knexgunfan for the idea, killer6 for the mag design and every knex gunner willing to build this! Have fun, don't hurt anything and be safe.

Mintyhippo is not liable for destruction of property, injury or death


just kidding about the death! =-)

Step 1: The Mag Handle

This is the mag / handle. Loads green rods through the bottom.
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knexbug1 year ago
how the hell do you get the rounds to go into the barrel properly
Not bad!
Mintyhippo (author) 4 years ago
Thats pretty funny to see that knex guns are still alive. I thought that we did everything except semi auto. But I havent really seen anything to revolutionary since I went on today. Thanks for liking this stuff but I probably will not post anything knew related ever again. Im a junior in highschool now soooooooo ya. I'm really into airsoft now so i might post some instructables on how to modify/Upgrade them. So if your interested in that stuff look for it soon
james44 years ago
james44 years ago
o o
---------------------- teh face or chez burger
deawon27 years ago
nice gun and a bit clearder pics would also be nice could you try pls
I agree.
Batryn6 years ago
Argh! My rounds keep on getting stuck at the top of the mag. It just twists there at the top and jams.
rik30986 years ago
thats a uzi
harryd8986 years ago
y is it so blury . i cant see were to put the elastic bands could u tell me were the ones on the top go and the ones on the bottem go
altrobot6 years ago
Fireing= Wrong - Firing = Right
coleslaw36 years ago
Dood Seriously Beast Gun And Holster I like Rifle When You Going To Make instructable?
coleslaw36 years ago
holy fu** my favorite gun is this one i put 10 rubber bands on it it put a hole in my wall 0.o
coleslaw36 years ago
where do i put the rubber bands i cant figure out? :(
rrr676 years ago
do u need the brokn rubr bnd b4 the ornge connector?
The Jamalam6 years ago
needs a better holster, that would get stuck. Try something like mine
MI67 years ago
holster isnt great wither - needs to be more compact
MI67 years ago
I love the realism but the performance isnt quite up to scratch. If you could improve the reliability of the mag and make the mag INSIDE the grip itself that would be sweet.
evilguy167 years ago
evilguy167 years ago
whats that peice on the second yellow cuz it's a little blury
twix11347 years ago
that is eww
Hugo41237 years ago
Its not very powerful
Dante-sama7 years ago
try firing BB's / airsoft pellets. they work well in a k'nex gun that fires green sticks
yerjoking7 years ago
excuse me, i'm new to this but, i solved the jamming problem, lemme know if you want to know =]
Mintyhippo (author)  yerjoking7 years ago
sure lets hear it! =)
well i kinda pmed you it early, but right where the handle connects with the green rods and white rods? well i decapitated a grey/purple 1 way connector and shoved it on each of the whites, it seemed to work quite well, apart from the occasional jamming here and there, but othe than that it worked, this was also my favpurite gun to be built =]
Mintyhippo (author)  yerjoking7 years ago
thanks u can post that as a mod if u want
ty! but i can't cuz i aint got a camera and i've kinda ran out of pieces, and the gun kind of got taken apart >.<, but its still my fave gun =]
cameras are easy on ebay. : )
yeah...dude, you about 4 months late so y'know...
sorry, didnt notice that. try 1 month god!
lol, GUESS WHAT...I have a camera, and i was moody so sorry
ah, dont worry bout it, : )
Jahoovi7 years ago
hey yesterday i was building something like that w/out looking at this which i found today!! LOL 6/24/08 found this... but mine had a real trigger
dsman1952767 years ago
ky1207 years ago
I like version 2 better than version 1 but that is just my opinion about it I personally think that you should post instructions for number 2
zap897 years ago
How does it push the shots in to the chamber
awsome7 years ago
these pictures suc...no offense
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