Magazine Fed Pistol With Holster! NOW WITH TRUE TRIGGER!!!





Introduction: Magazine Fed Pistol With Holster! NOW WITH TRUE TRIGGER!!!

This is my first pistol I have posted, but I have also made a moded killerk, mykhailo's semi-auto (the one on the forum) and one just for fun. It shoots green rods about 35 feet accurately, but 65 feet is the farthest with two elastics. This pistol can be equipped with a scope, bi-pod, stock, grenade launcher you name it. I am not including any of those in this instructable, but you can make those yourself. I am posting a rifle soon and that will include a bi-pod, scope, R.I.S front grip and maybe a grenade launcher. Read more on the last step of these instructions. and now it is updated!

The holster is the first I know of on the site. I don't know if it is the first, but that is what I'm hoping. You can mod it with bendy rods and other stuff if you like, but please give me credit. The stereotype holster clips to the leg, I used a simpler belt holster.

I give credit to knexgunfan for the idea, killer6 for the mag design and every knex gunner willing to build this! Have fun, don't hurt anything and be safe.

Mintyhippo is not liable for destruction of property, injury or death


just kidding about the death! =-)

Step 1: The Mag Handle

This is the mag / handle. Loads green rods through the bottom.

Step 2: Ram, Fireing Pin, Whatever You Want to Call It

Do what ever you want for the back of the ram, but keep the yellow connectors and the tan clip on.

Step 3: Barrel and Chamber

You can use yellow connectors, orange or white for this step, but keep the whites I tell you to use.

Step 4: Put It Together

Elastic placement and placement of parts.

Step 5: Trouble Shooting

1. The pusher doesn't push the round all the way into the chamber.

1. Could be a jam, push lightly to see if it was just crooked. If you can't push it in, unload the mag and reload OR push the rounds on the side. (look at the second picture)

2. The round doesn't come out of the barrel.

2. The barrel is probably made from bent rods. Make sure that the rods aren't bent and if they are, replace them.

3. JAM, JAM, JAM!!!!

3. Make sure there is a lot of tension pulling up the pusher OR put a blue spacer in-between the tan clips of the chamber.

Step 6: Holster

The holster is easy and effective. It clips to the belt and fits most pistols.

Step 7: New Weponry (updated)

Sorry not posting anymore my computer crashed and I already took it apart.

But I will post this new one



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    how the hell do you get the rounds to go into the barrel properly

    Thats pretty funny to see that knex guns are still alive. I thought that we did everything except semi auto. But I havent really seen anything to revolutionary since I went on today. Thanks for liking this stuff but I probably will not post anything knew related ever again. Im a junior in highschool now soooooooo ya. I'm really into airsoft now so i might post some instructables on how to modify/Upgrade them. So if your interested in that stuff look for it soon

    o o
    ---------------------- teh face or chez burger

    nice gun and a bit clearder pics would also be nice could you try pls

    Argh! My rounds keep on getting stuck at the top of the mag. It just twists there at the top and jams.

    thats a uzi

    y is it so blury . i cant see were to put the elastic bands could u tell me were the ones on the top go and the ones on the bottem go