Picture of Magazine Hair Bow
For this project you need:

{Pretty magazine paper
{clear tape
{duct tape
{ bobby pin

Step 1:

Picture of
I used a ribbon to hold the magazine bow in place instead of more tape and then tucked the bobby pin in the ribbon
danielles bow.jpg
Kerushii (author)  dmccullough61 year ago
this is so neat! ^^
you are awesome!
Cool Instructable, but what do you do with the bobby pin?
Kerushii (author)  LaurelDesigns3 years ago
you place it in the back u can stick it under the tape or tape it or glue which ever u prefer
Kerushii (author) 3 years ago
dokoshi3 years ago
i made an account JUST so i can come here and congratulate my best buddy on making the front page. u go girl :D
Kerushii (author) 3 years ago
thank you!
Very cute and simple!