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Introduction: Magazine Wallet

I made this wallet out of colorful magazine pages and folded them to the size I wanted them. On the inside there is a pocket for bills and three rows to hold credit cards or gift cards. It closes by wrapping the string around it and tying the string around the button. I hope you like it!



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    Love this! We're having a contest over on Easy Crafts and I would love it if you would add this there:!

    Thank you! I will see if I can. Thank you for thinking of this for the contest though!

    Lovely looking and very useful!

    I just published the step by step tutorial. Not sure when it will show up, but I did publish it. Hopefully you can find it!

    Yes I would love to see a step by step tutorial of this... So many magazines just get thrown out everyday!

    I am working on one right now and hopefully will get it done soon. Glad you like it!!

    Wow! That's awesome! Please could you do a step by step tutorial? I'd really appreciate it ^_^ xx Thankyou x

    That's really pretty!