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Introduction: DIY Magic Braided Bracelet

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Few months ago I saw a friend wearing a braided leather bracelet, nothing unusual right? But I noticed that the both ends were intact... but how was it braided? I had to figure it out. I almost forgot about it but it hit me again while making the pyramid leather pouch. I searched the internet, found out that there are many ways to do the magic braid and chose the one I found easier.

It requires only one material (leather) and 2 tools (ruler & x-acto knife, pencil is optional!). Go make one, it won't take much time :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this bracelet you'll need:

  1. Thin leather,
  2. X-acto knife,
  3. ruler and pencil (or anything to mark).

Step 2: Getting Started

Firstly, measure your bracelet size (lengthwise) and add 2.5 cm extra.

Keep the width of the bracelet between 2-3 cm.

Use a ruler and a pencil (or anything to mark) to draw the outline of the bracelet on the leather.

Draw 2 lines to create 3 strands on the leather, make sure that the strands are equal in width.

Step 3: Cutting the Lines & Sides

Use an x-acto knife to cut the strips but not all the through the ends.

Keep 1.5 cm intact on both sides of the leather.

You can keep the sides square or cut round corners like I did,

And don't forget to punch holes on both sides for attaching closure.

Step 4: Braiding (Part-1)

The magic braid mainly includes 2 steps.

I'm hoping that we all know how to do basic braiding.

Lets start from the right side and count each time we braid a strand,

  • Braid the right strand over middle -1,
  • Left over middle -2,
  • Right over middle -3, now stop.

Notice the gap on the right side (3rd picture of this step), just below the 3rd braid.

Now, hold the other end and take it through the gap.

This might look like a mess and all-tangled but don't worry, see what happens in the next step.

Step 5: Braiding (Part-2)

Now, lets start braiding again.

  • Left over middle - 4,
  • Right over middle - 5,
  • And Left over middle - 6, stop braiding.

Again, notice the gap on the left side, below the 6th braid. Take the other end through the gap and the strand are tangle free!

N.B.: If you start to braid from the right side, after crossing the 3rd strand pass the other end through the gap on the right side. similarly, if you start braiding from the left side, after crossing the 6th strand pass the other end through the gap on the left side.

Continue this process until you reach the other end.

You can keep the braid loose or tight as you want.

After you're done braiding keep something heavy over the braided leather strip for half an hour to give the braid a fresh look.

Step 6: Attaching Closure

Cut a very thin strip of leather for the closure. This strip should be long enough to tie a knot on the bracelet.

Insert the thin leather strip through the holes punched on both sides of the bracelet,

After inserting the thin strip into the holes tie 2 knots on both ends of the thin strip,

Now, simply tie a knot on the thin strip for the closure. Done!

Ahh, this was fun, I made 4 magic braided bracelets in 16 minutes!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and do share pictures if you make one :)



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    hermoso trabajo

    I was a my youth group last night making these bracelets out of bicycle inner tubes. Wish I'd had this instructable with me to help, I just had to guess at what to do but it worked out well in the end.

    2014 09:43.jpg
    1 reply

    Great work! and the bracelet looks even cooler in black :)

    Thanks dear! and congrats on being a finalist in the uni contest!

    wow - simple when you know how! Brilliant thanks, will try this when I can find some thin leather.

    1 reply

    Thanks! It sure feels great to be untangled! share a picture if you make one :)

    Thanks Emily! every time, when I'm making a bracelet it reminds me of you, after all you are the bracelet master!

    Very neat, I love how they create a mystery the longer you look at those bracelets. You did an awesome job sharing the process!

    1 reply

    Thank you! Yeah, I was really excited after solving the mystery :)

    Ahhh I never knew you could braid like that!! That looks amazing!

    1 reply

    Thanks! yeah, I was also surprised and finally did it :)