Picture of Magic Card Trick
This is my first instructable thank you for looking at it!
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Step 1: Finding Out the Person's Card

Picture of Finding Out the Person's Card
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First, memorize the card on the bottom of the deck. Next, have the person pick a card (for example I've picked a three of clubs. After that, have them memorize it and put it face down and divide the cards randomly in piles. Be sure to put the bottom of the deck on top of the person's card.

Step 2: Finding The Person's Card (continued)

Picture of Finding The Person's Card (continued)
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Then, put all the cards into a pile, putting piles of cards under the one with the cards in it. Next, flip the cards face up in random piles until you get to the card that was originally on the bottom (the one I told you to memorize in step 1) The next card will be the person's Continue to make a pile on top of their card, then when your finished make the next pile lay down one card for every letter in the persons card(in this case T-H-R-E-E O-F C-L-U-B-S so twelve cards should be in that pile) Then, finish by laying the remaining cards into piles

Step 3: Finishing The Trick

Picture of Finishing The Trick
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Put all the piles into one single pile with the pile after the one with the person's card in it on top followed by the one with their card Last, ask the person if their card was a ( 3 of clubs in this case) whatever their card was and count out the letters again ( in this case T-H-R-E-E O-F C-L-U-B-S) then lay down the next card and it will be theirs Thanks for looking at this :) Sorry if any steps are unclear it's kind of hard to explain and easier to show, but if u have any questions ask them in the comments
Do you think you could make a video to explain it a little easier?

MeLoveDoughnuts (author)  GorillazMiko1 year ago
I'm sorry, I tried to post a video but I'm not sure how (I don't have a youtube account) but if you have a certain step you are having trouble with I'd be glad to try and help. Once again I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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