Hello, all !!

This is my electronic version of my another Instructable Magic Card and including new features (see VIDEO).

The original version shows the same cards but on this original version you have a lot of different combinations of cards.

It is a very simple assembly and the result is amazing !!

To play, just think on some number (from 1 to 64) and start to answer the 6 questions (Yes/No).

You only say yes or no and press the corresponding button to confirm the number you have imagined.

After your six answers, the number you have chosen will be shown blinking on the display !!

You can even repeat with same number, but you will see that the answers will be different !!

How can be this possible ?

Enjoy it and send me your comments !

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Step 1: Material & Assembly

• Material

- 01 Arduino Uno or similar

- 01 LED Display 8x8 (module with MAX7219)

- 01 mini-breadboard

- 02 push-buttons

- 01 printed template for LED display

- Jumpers

• Assembly

- Follow the ilustrated diagram

- Print the template, cut and put it over the LED Matrix

- Upload the Arduino program

• Libraries for Arduino

- Library to control the LED Matrix with MAX72xx

- Library for Timer1 to read the push-buttons.

Step 2: Operation

• Operation

After start you need to answer 6 questions about the number you have imagined.

If you see the number you have chosen on the display, press the buttom Green (Yes, it is shown in the display) or Red ( No, my chosen number is not shown in the display).

Answer correctly all the 6 questions and at end you will see your chosen number blinking on the display !!

At the end. any button you press will restart the game.

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Last update in: 10.Feb.2016

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Bio: I am a Mechanical Engineer and an enthusiastic Maker. I like to develop new ideas combining electronics and programming.
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