Easy and simple step-by-step instructions to walk you through the Magic Circle Cast On and get you knitting your project in no time. 

The Magic Circle Cast On, which is also known as "Emily Ocker's Cast On", is an easy way to start a piece of circular knitting from the center of the circle. It's really convenient for knitting projects like coozies, shawls, or hats.  The fact that a crochet hook is involved can be intimidating for some knitters but shouldn't be. It's fast, easy, and you'll only have to pick that hook up for a couple stitches before you're back to knitting in the round. 

Let's get started.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

  • Yarn
  • Crochet Hook
  • Double Pointed Needles 
Make sure to double check your Needles, Hook, Yarn and Gauge to your pattern or project. 
<p>Finally! This made it so much easier.</p>
<p>thank you!</p>
<p>This tutorial makes it seem SO easy!! I'm eager to get started :o)</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>That's awesome! I never knew you could do that :D</p>

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