Step 6: Fusing the Half-cubes

The instructions are in the pictures!
Just mouse over the yellow box.
<p>how do you do the green ones </p>
<p>I made this 1 a long time ago (in the very front, I think).</p>
<p>Thats Really Cool!!</p>
<p>Woah, I'd love to learn how to make that one in the back.....can you teach me?</p>
<p>really wow i have gifted this to my granyyyyy</p>
I't looks great but do you have to use two sided coloured paper?<br>Also how big would it be if I used post-it notes?<br>Thanks in advance.
You must use construction paper for this!!!! Trust me. I'm an origami master.
.<br>You may use one-sided colored paper. Start off with the wrong side facing up. But the white side of the paper would show between the gaps. <br>Post-it notes can be utilized. <br>The smaller the paper being used, the higher is the difficulty level. <br><br>My pleasure. :-D
Two-sided color paper could be used. I used several types of paper that made it turn out well (but not really like a rose...)
Ok, thanks!
I'm giving this to my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. I just made it &amp; I am putting in a surprise for her. When I present it to her, I'm going to do the normal opening. But next, I'm gonna tell her to put her hands out to where it makes a bowl. Then I'm gonna tilt it upside down, pinch the green part, then out will come a Belgian Seashell. A Belgian Seashell is this chocolate shell w/ chocolate hazelnut filling inside. So, what do you think of this? Is it (insert positive word here) or (insert negative word here)?
nice one lolzzzz!
verrrrrrrrry niiiiiiiiice on ly needs a littel improvement<br>
Please make the instructions in the yellow boxes clearer. It is a little difficult understanding what you mean.
Cool I tottaly agree♫
Alittle hard to follow, but combined with another video instructable it worked perfect. Video was unclear, this one was great, this one was unclear video helped out!<br><br>I made one for a special someone, takes it everywhere with her! She live it!
I'm not sure why we had to fold in and out the leaves so many times but I just wanted to say I DID IT! :)
Thanks for sharing. Succeeded making it in my first attempt ;) and i must say, it luks simply pretty.
so... where is the 'yellow' box we're supposed to mouse over?
Thanks for the pretty flower! My first attempt at origami, and it worked so i guess it's a clear enough set of instructions!
please make some more clear pics , thanks
You really should remake this with allot more detail I cannot finish this project<br>
you better show better detail on how to open becausemine is now a wrinkled up ball
PLEASE explain in more detail. espically this step .im only 12 i can do origami antything almost ,but this is impossible
I love it. :-D
that's so cool!
im confusd at how to make it considering tht im 12 it would b hard for me but i think after i keep practicing at it i will finally get it but for now im not tht good at it.
Nice instructable!<br>I think some1 already posted one like this, but with video steps. These steps are easy to read, though it would be better to see the folds. Where did this originate? Recent or old?
.<br>No idea pal. I learned this from my roommate who is an occupational therapist. I think it's one of the activities they teach their patients to enhance fine motor skills.
this is amazing, Thank you very much!
This is great - in cube form, it's a super-minimalist representation of a rose &amp; once you pinch it open, it looks like a wonderful stylized rose!<br><br>You invented this origami?
.<br>Thank you Closet_Rat!<br><br>No, I did not. <br>I learned this origami from my friend who is an occupational therapist. I think this is one of the fine motor activity exercises for patients. <br><br>:-D
Still wonderful that you shared this with us &amp; a clear instructable to be sure!
.<br>My battle cry has always been imagine, create, share, feel good. The pleasure is mine. <br>:-D
This is would be good but has very vague instructions
.<br>I'm afraid so.<br>My English needs improvement. It's always a struggle to express myself as my vocabulary and grammar suck! :-D<br><br>This site is a fertile soil

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