Picture of Magic Cubes
You need 6 Origami papers, Cooper Tape, 1 CR016 Battery , 1 Transistor 2N700 NCH MOSFET, 1 LED, 1 Resistor 1k ohm and scissors
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Step 1:

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Put the origami paper color side down

Step 2:

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Fold on the horizontal diagonal. Crease well and unfold.

Step 3:

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Fold both top and bottom tips to meet in the center and crease.

Step 4:

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Fold the bottom again both sides to the center.

Step 5:

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Fold both left and right tips.

Step 6:

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Fold each corner towards the center. Each corner to the middle of the opposite side.

Step 7:

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Hide each corner into the flap.

Step 8:

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Paper over and fold each corner as in the picture.

Step 9:

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Fold the six papers exactly the same.

Step 10:

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For assembling, use 1 of each color. Insert the tips into the pockets of the other paper.

Step 11:

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Insert another tip into the other side of pocket.

Step 12:

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Flip the paper over, once you have the top side bring up the tips above and insert them into the pocket of the new paper.

Step 13:

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Keep inserting the tips into the pockets. And you will finish assembling it.

Step 14:

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To put light on it: take one folded paper, the Cooper Tape, 1 CR016 Battery , 1 Transistor 2N700 NCH MOSFET, 1 LED, 1 Resistor 1k ohm, insulating tape and scissors.

Step 15:

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Cut about 4 cm of cooper tape and stick it from the left corner diagonal to the center.
Cut another piece of cooper tape, about 10 cm. Paper over and stick the tape 2 cm from the right conrner, paper over again and continue sticking the tape as in the picture, stop when you get the same distance as the first tape.

Step 16:

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Put the battery just above the end of the first tape and stick the second tape on the battery guiding the tape to the left down corner.

Step 17:

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Cut a third piece of cooper tape, about 8 cm. Turn over the paper and stick the third tape beside the second tape. Turn over the paper again and continue sticking the tape closely to the left edge as in the picture. Be sure the tapes do not touch each other.
Kiteman2 years ago
You ought to take a picture of the finished cube in a dim room, and use that as your introduction image.
Neat! As I was scrolling down through this instructable, I was expecting just a nice origami paper cube, but this is way better. You should try using (or making your own) a diffused LED. The light would spread out a lot better.

Awesome job and thanks for sharing!