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In this Workshop Hack Instructable, I'll show you one of the greatest things to do with old hard drive magnets. This is a simple hack that means you will always have somewhere to keep the chuck for your drill press and it also doubles for a place to keep your drill bits when you are swapping them out.It is super simple and does not deserve more than one page.

Step 1: Drill + Magnet = Magic Chuck Key

Lets start by saying that this Instructable may not be a necessity however having done this for several years, I HATE it when I go to the local woodworking guild and find the chuck is tied onto the drill with some old wire. It just pisses me off to no end now that I have this little luxury on my three drill presses.


  1. Old hard drive or spare strong magnets
  2. Hatred of losing drill chucks
  3. Drill press....with chuck

Step 1: Get magnets from old hard drive: Instead of re-writing work that other community members have done, here is a good little Instructable showing you how to disassemble an old hard drive to get the strong-as-buggary magnets out: Computer Hard Drive Dissassembly (courtesy of nurdee1) Note: I didn't bother to remove the magnet from its mounting bracket. I just used it as it came out of the drive.

Step 2: Walk up to your drill press, open the lid and put the magnet on the inside as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Close the lid and stick the drill chuck on the outside of the cover.

Step 4: Get beer. Open. Drink. Marvel at yourself.

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I got tired of the constant searching and bought a keyless chuck!

Easy to do But big result

Definitely! Works inside the table saw for the single nut spanner and a magnetic knife strip works wonders for ring spanners.

Like "TonyB203" I have used this concept for the wrench for my table saw and drill press, but I guess we both are a bit dumb, because I didn't think of putting the magnet inside the press or under the table.

Only thing about between inside and outside - on the inside, the magnet needs to be a lot stronger.

Not a problem with hard drive magnets. Mine holds a hammer

incorrect and misleading title, it is not about a magnetic drill chuck, but a magnetic drill chuck KEY holder.

Thank you Will. I'll ensure my next instructable is 100%. I also have another instructable stating a 1000% increase in WiFi bandwidth - just in the interest of transparency, that increase was in my situation only and may not represent what everyone else may get.

Great idea, except in my shop. I'd knock this off the press within minutes of implementing your great 'ible while moving something, and that would put me right back to the "Now where did that dagnabbit key get off to?" state of affairs. I simply put my KEY inside the head. Now, inspired by your 'ible, I'm going to add a magnet to prevent it from sliding into bad places (though, in the 20 years I've been operating in this manner, it never has).