Magic Duct Tape Wallet


Introduction: Magic Duct Tape Wallet

This wallet by only using scraps of cardboard and duct tape will store your money and cards safely and and magically! It opens 2 ways and store your money easily.

Step 1: Get This Stuff NOW!!!

Get some duct tape, Good scissors, a pencil, a deck of cards (template), and cardboard.

Step 2: Trace N' Cut

Trace the deck of cards on the cardboard twice, and cut them out. Make sure they are the same size.

Step 3: Cover and Trim

Cover the cardboard in duct tape and trim the duct tape off the cardboard.

Step 4: The First Connection

Sorry I couldn't make a note for each picture on this step i couldn't figure out how.
Picture 1. Make a piece of tape an inch longer than the cardboard pieces.
2. Fold in sticky sides touching.
3. Cut that hamburger style.
4. Tape one strip on the side of one of the cardboard 1 cm into the cardboard, the height of a dollar apart and wrap that around the back. (It should look like picture 4).
5. Okay, this part is confusing, keep what it looked like in picture 4 but put the other piece of covered cardboard on the strips that are hanging out and flip the entire "wallet" up side down and tape those loose strips to that piece of cardboard. Look on the picture for help.

Step 5: The X Tape

Heres what it should look like so far. (1st picture). Now make 2 more straps. i will put the pics up again in case you forgot. Take the 2 strips and make an X out of them. Tape the 2 strips together where they intersect but before doing that make sure the ends barely fit between the strait strips, look at the pic for help. Than put the x tape in between the two strait attached strips, look at the pic to get it right. Tape the x tape to the other cardboard.on the back of it so you cant see it when its open. tape the other side to the back of the cardboard with the x strip covering it. you should be able to open and close it on both sides.

Step 6: U Ah Dun!

put some cash in not attached in the wallet and open it the other way to store your cash. DO NOT DO THAT WITH CREDIT CARDS THEY WILL SNAP!!!!! Please review this tutorial, its my first so thanks for viewing this tutorial. If this tutorial sucks go onto youtube, they got to have one, or even on this site!



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    It doesn't matter when you learned how to make it Doctor What posted the instructable first.

    2 replies

    Good point, but if his is so much better, why are you spending your time looking at mine?

     Never said who's is better, only who posted first.

    not to be criticizing or anything but, uh, i think you should have used two types of duck tape, ( i ment to have two colors)

    NO!!! I learned this when i was in 1st grade, than i made this instructable showing how to do it! Even so people are saying mine is better

    Not one person said it was better, not in the comments at least.

    No, it is not. Trust me.

    Then "said people" must be on crack.

    VERY cool. Hope this goes popular. Building mine after work.

    1 reply

    Cool, make sure to tell me if you can understand it. I am a bad teacher but i think i did this well.