Magic Eight Ball Nail Art Tutorial




Introduction: Magic Eight Ball Nail Art Tutorial

Shake the magic eight ball and you'll see all the answers pointing to this being a super fun and simplified nail design!

Step 1: Painting the Base

1. Paint your base color. I used a bright blue, but you can surely use any color you prefer

Step 2: Simple Circles

2. Make medium sized circles on the nail using your black polish. For best results, I suggest making them about the size of a pencil eraser, or just slightly smaller. Too much smaller will make the following steps quite a bit more difficult on yourself!

Step 3: Off-Center Circle

3. Using your white polish, make smaller dots off-center of the black dots

Step 4: Two Dots Will Soon Equal Eight

4. Make two small, slightly overlapping/touching dots using your black polish. I tried to make my top dot just slightly smaller than the bottom one touching it, but you don't necessarily need to do that. These will become your "8" in the next step (and this method is MUCH easier than trying to simply draw 8s)

Step 5: More Circles

5. Make a dot in the center of each of the black dots from the previous step (these should not touch)

Step 6: Ta-Da!

Finish off with a topcoat (after waiting enough time to ensure you don't smudge your hard work!)




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