Picture of Magic F Bomb
Welcome to the Magic 8 ball that has an attitude. In this Instructable you will learn how to make a magic 8 ball that has a digital screen. If you do not desire to have one that has rude language coming out of it then it is an easy fix. 

Hope you enjoy!
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Step 1: What you will need

- (1) LCD screen 16x2
- (1) 10 K potentiometer (this will be used to control the contrast of the screen)
- (1) 9v battery
- (1) Barrel jack adaptor
- (1) Accelerometer 
- (1) breadboard
- (1) Ardunio Uno
- (22) header pins
- Lots of wire

These parts are only needed if you want the same casing I have
- (1) Foam Ball (large enough to hold all of the parts)
- 1ft of rope
- black paint
- glue

Step 2: Getting Started - LCD

Picture of Getting Started - LCD
The first thing you should do solder headers to the LCD screen. 

Step 3: Hooking up the Accelerometer

Picture of Hooking up the Accelerometer
First solder on the headers to the accelerometer.
Then hock the wires up:
- ST goes to the #4 digital pin on the Arduino
- Z goes to the A5 on the Arduino
- - goes to the GND on the digital side of the Arduino
- + goes to the a positive on the breadboard ( I used the far end with the less wires, see sketch)

NOTE: Check the schematics of your accelerometer if it is a different one then the one used in this project. It may change the wiring order.