Picture of Magic F-Bomb
My parents have everything they want, so finding Christmas gifts is not easy...

This year I made them a MAGIC F-BOMB!

Ask the Magic F-Bomb any yes/no question, flip it over, and boy will it give you a response!

Step 1: You Will Need These Things

Picture of You Will Need These Things
- Magic 8 Ball
- Sushi in a Clam Shell Container
- Nylon Cord
- Embossing Label Maker
- Googly Craft Eyes (see photo)
- Super Glue (for plastics)
- Silicon Tent Sealer
- Black Textured Spray Paint (such as Krylon Textured Shimmer)
- Putty (any kind that bonds and is sand-able when dry)
- 6-Pack of Beer (in bottles)
- Empty Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll
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EverythingDiy2 months ago
Awsome idea thanks for shareing
PACW3 years ago
I am normally against profanity but the bomb shape/f-bomb pun is just too funny. I am so dazzled and impressed that I think I am actually going to do this - complete with that word! Thank you.
beader19863 years ago
Totally making this for my sister and another for my brother-in-law, They will go nuts over them!!!!! AWESOME INSTRUCTABLE!!!!!
jgafford3 years ago
that just gave me a good idea. Take magic 8-ball, cut in half, remove guts. insert speaker set to play an audio file *you can guess what it would say* triggered by a button installed on the outside. drill holes on in the ball for sound to escape.
The F Bomb Grenade!
PeterParker4 years ago
I'm not sure if it would work, but, since the piece inside the 8-ball is actually a 20-sided figure, an icosahedron, I think it would be possible to use a 20-sided di and therefore have 20 different answers. There are blank dice available (without imprinted number, just flat-sided dice) so this would make it even easier. If they wouldn't fit, perhaps simply 6-sided dice?
I guess the trick would be finding a blank die that also will float in the blue stuff. If it doesn't float, you wouldn't be able to read the snarky comments on the die.

Would be cool if you could make it work with 20 answers though.
I'm making this now for a friend of mine. He's a case manager, and I believe it's going on his desk :)

Thanks for the Instructable! Great idea!
2 stroke 4 years ago
that is F'in awesome
SM28084 years ago
WTF are the beer bottles for?
wizgirl (author)  SM28084 years ago
Look at the last step. You can use any glass bottle ;).
The safety stand is important in preventing premature detonation. It actually must be a bottle from a six-pack, to ensure that the bottles are as uniform as possible, (of course you have to empty the bottles first). The other five are placed at equidistant points around the space being used for assembly. I'm really surprised that the author doesn't make more of this important safety point.


Great instructable, and of course there are other platonic solids that can be used as decision making "cubes".
wizgirl (author)  Dream Dragon4 years ago
Good point. Emptying the bottles also ensures that you are calm and collected for bomb handling operations.
omnibot4 years ago
Holy crap! You should totally patent this.
Not too sure you can patent it at this point since it's already on public domain.
Kiteman is prolly raight that it's un-patentable but you could prolly trademark the idea and format.
wizgirl (author)  omnibot4 years ago
are you f-ing kidding me? maybe i will!
Kiteman wizgirl4 years ago
It's it probably un-patentable (no new technology, just a new package), but you could change the licence to something more restrictive, so that you are the only one allowed to make money off it.
wizgirl (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
hmmm, is there an instructable that can help me figure out how to do that?
Kiteman wizgirl4 years ago
No, just edit this Instructable's licence.
wizgirl (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Yikes! Are any of the non-commercial ones good enough? I'm so f-ing confused :).
Kiteman wizgirl4 years ago
Click "edit", then click the "publish" tab. You'll have to fill out that page again from scratch, but you can choose the licence again - you probably want the Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives (by-nc-nd) licence.

Have a look at the Creative Commons site for more information on how the licences work.
wizgirl (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
You are awesome! Thank you!
Kiteman wizgirl4 years ago
You're welcome.
The author can still get a design patent, just not a utility patent (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_patent). Design patents protect the form of a functional item - not its functionality. Also, the author can copyright the specific combination of words for the choice dice.
wizgirl (author)  daofgeek4 years ago
awesome :)!!!
That was my first thought. This is genius. You probably won't retire off of it, but I bet you could sell an easy million plus just at Spencers.
Places like Newberry Comics would make you rich! You could dominate the world! >:D
f any of you want to make it easyer, let the ball in one Peace because the oricnal cube also has good answers
Start up with step 5 : "transform the ball into a bomb-shape".
So you need only the 8-ball, the the wasabi cup a peace of nylon-cord, Super Glue (for plastics) and Black Textured Spray Paint (such as Krylon Textured Shimmer)

and as mounting for the ball tu spray it on:
-The beer-bottle (or any other bottle may be water or lemonade)
-The Empty Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll
in the List, what you neet to make the Bomb there are Googly Craft Eyes.
for what of the bomb are they?
wizgirl (author)  Kite builder4 years ago
yep, they go inside of the cube to make it float
the dots go inside the cube i think
shadow5644 years ago
LMAO ONE OF MY FRIENDS MADE THIS AND WHEN I ASKED "Will i get a awesome X-Box?" Response "$%*& NO!!!!" AND I WAS LIKE WTF?????
This is the kind of thing a tech manager would keep on his desk. Great idea and a great instructable,
So awesome.
This is too F-ing cool!! FanFreakintastic job!!
Kiteman4 years ago
Oh, that is a classic Make.

A Hall of Famer!
wizgirl (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
woah! that means a lot. thanks!
Kiteman wizgirl4 years ago
You're welcome - I just wish I'd gotten to the Feature button first.
wizgirl (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Feature button?
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