Magic Fidget Spinner!





Introduction: Magic Fidget Spinner!

Hey guys! today I am showing you how to make a magic spinner! Basically it works as a green screen so when you record it with a camera or your phone you can display any video or image you want on it (you can see some cool examples in the video below). Most video editing software requires two to three clicks in order to set up the green screen so it is very easy :)

Step 1: Watch Demonstrational Video

Step 2: Gather All Materials

For this project you are going to need a spinner, some neon green Bristol board as well as a hot glue gun (in addition to the video editing software).

Step 3: Cut Out Two Outlines of the Spinner and Make a Hole in the Centre of Each (where the Spinner Caps Go)

Step 4: Measure the Thickness of Your Spinner and Cut a Stripe of Bristol Board With Those Dimensions

Step 5: Use the Hot Gun to Glue the Stripe of Pristol Board to Your Spinner

Step 6: Glue the Front and Back Outlines to the Spinner

Step 7: Remove Unnecessary Any Bristol Board From the Front and Back So That the Spinner Caps Fit Nicely

Step 8: Enjoy!



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    im questioning how the thing you made is the same thing as in the pics

    as I said, you film the spinner while it's spinning and by using iMovie, premiere or any other editing software you can display any image you want on it. It works as the green screens used for special effects

    Oh... ya that makes more sence. In that case im impressed!

    I guess those pics were Screen Shots of the videos...