Picture of Magic Flowers
This is an effect I created for Queensland Ballets production of sleeping beauty. In the scene when sleeping beauty awakes after 100 years, the prince lifts up a vase of dead flowers and they magically come back to life.

This instructable details how I did this.

The tools I used were a leatherman, a jigsaw and a drill, (and a ruler and marker), and a hot glue gun.

You will need....
-Black wrap (black foil)
-Black Tack (black foil tape)
-25mm PVC pipe - about a meter
-silk flowers - 6 of
-plastic vase/urn thingy.
-1mm garden wire
-6 sprinkler head tubes (or other thin rigid but bendy tube)
-Polystyrene sheet
-spray paint in brown, black and dark green.

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Step 1: What we want to make...

Picture of What we want to make...
the dead flowers go bloom into live ones... see pictures

Step 2:

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So first up.... find some silk flowers that will squish/fold down enough to fit into the pvc tubing, once you've got theses you're ready to start,
Measure the squished flowers, add 10mm and this is the length of your pipe sections...
Cut the pipe into 6 lengths of this (this will make 6 flower heads)

Cut the ends of the sprinkler extender pipes if they have any, ensure there is nothing blocking them.

Step 3:

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Cut up some squares of the black wrap, these should be wide enough to go around the pvc pipe and twice the length of the pipe. Once you have cut these wrap them round the pipe and secure with a band of black tack tape. There should be a good 10mm of PVC pipe at the top for the black tack to stick to, don't stick over the rim of the pipe or the flowers will foul.

Step 4:

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Now insert the rigid tubing and wrap/scrunch the black wrap around it. the distances should be similar to those shown in the images. My pipes are 80mm long and I used a 25mm gap between pipe and tube.

Once scrunched around the pipe and it's all nice and straight, black tack/tape the foil to the tube in an overlapping spiral. Once it's all secure, tape up the crease down the side.

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aye, it's blurry alright...can't see how it's attached.

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Very clever, well done!