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Introduction: Magic Hands

I made this for a project in college. Its not that hard to do but not exactly easy either. I wish I would have been aware of this site at the time so I could have taken pictures at each step but I'll try to explain how I did it.

You need:
a box
black paint
fishing line
hot glue
tin foil
masking tape
plaster strips
a deck of playing cards
a pair of white gloves

1. Find a good box and paint it all black
2. Use tin foil and tape to make the two hands with wrists. Form them in the correct pose for the gesture. 
3. When you are happy with the hands, cover them in plaster following the directions on the plaster strips package.
4. Let them dry. I could have painted them but they were kinda lumpy so I just very carefully put the gloves on them. You could just skip these steps and just stuff the gloves and use some wire to bend the fingers or something.
5. Now, take the top hand and position some cards in it and hot glue them to the fingers
6. hot glue a length of fishing line to the bottom of the bottom card, then hot glue the other end of the line to the top of another card.
7. hot glue another length of line to the bottom of that card and then glue the other end of the line to the top of another card and so on until you have as many as you want suspended.
8. position the hands on the box and hot glue in place
9. place the rest of the deck in the palm of the bottom hand.

All finished. Put it some where in your house on display and amaze your guests with your awesomeness.




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    This is great! Nice job!

    thank you for thinking so! :)

    Interresting idea. Makes for some magic decoration. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for checking it out!