Picture of Magic Mushroom Truffles
There's magic in these mushrooms!  Actually, not magic. There's a secret ingredient that you would never guess that makes these truffles absolutely delicious! ....still guessing?


Yes way!

The basic truffles are simple to make, but of course there are always over-achievers in the bunch who want to take things a few steps further....

Step 1: Basic Truffles supplies needed

Picture of Basic Truffles supplies needed

Mushroom Shaped Truffles
For the basic mushroom shaped truffles you will need the following:

A) Truffle filling:

1 medium avocado (very ripe, soft to the touch)
1 cup high quality cocoa powder, such as Droste
3 cups 10X confectioners sugar
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup unsalted butter

B) Candy coating:
14 oz vanilla (white) candy melts (or one 11 oz bag white chocolate chips )
14 oz bag light cocoa candy melts (or one 11 oz bag milk chocolate chips)
sugar decorating sprinkles
1 extra chocolate bar for decorating (..does anyone ever really have an "extra" chocolate bar in the house??)
Kitchen Utensils needed:
electric mixer
empty ice cube trays
plastic wrap


ranzo1 year ago

Thanks but i saw magic truffles on magic-truffles-shop.com . They are selling truffles but i am not sure whether its legal or not.

bgartman (author)  ranzo1 year ago

Hi Ranzo- I checked the link you sent--wow, I don't know anything about real truffles, and I always thought they were very rare. Thanks for taking the time to send the link. The recipe I made up doesn't use real truffles, just a lot of chocolate and rich avocado and butter primarily, but the result is cute and delicious.

ranzo bgartman8 months ago

Hey @bgartman -- If you really want to know about real magic truffles than you should visit this blog http://magictrufflesshop.wordpress.com/ .

WUVIE1 year ago

Not sure how I've overlooked this great Instructable all this time.

I love it!

bgartman (author)  WUVIE1 year ago
Awww, thanks so very much!
Biggsy4 years ago
These look awesome... High Five for you
What!!! I cracked my screen?!
ytashi Biggsy4 years ago
heheh! this is so cute! hi-5!
jadekikyo4 years ago
Aww this is so cute. I love it. I can't wait to try it out. So what kind of a taste does the avacodo add? I hate coffee but I know it can be wonderful in chocolate chip cookies and you would never know it's there. Is it the same kind of thing?

Love the description you have of yourself. You sound a lot like me. I cook, sew, paint, build, ect and my kids believe mommy can make anything which I love. I haven't done the fused glass but that sounds awsome. Are you on etsy?
ytashi4 years ago
here is mine! yey!
pink choc mushrooms.jpg
bgartman (author)  ytashi4 years ago
Ohhhh, these are really cute! I really like how yours turned out. Thanks for showing me
ytashi bgartman4 years ago
they were for a tinkerbell themed birthday party.. they don't sell red candy colour here so i had to settle with the colour pink.. :)
mary candy4 years ago
it is so lovely !
I loved you are one of the runners.
Zombie_BBQ4 years ago
avacado?...interesting will have to try it some time to see what the flavor is like ,just cant picture the taste ...
bgartman (author)  Zombie_BBQ4 years ago
The taste of the avocado in the recipe is really delicious, especially with the Droste cocoa powder. I was so surprised the first time I made them! I have a 12 year old son who is a very selective, picky eater. He and one of his friends were standing by the mixing bowl as I was making the truffles this weekend, fighting over "leftover" chocolate dough. The amount of avocado in the recipe ends up being around 1/2 cup or less, which isn't that much, but just enough to lend it a nice "earthy" taste and a dense creamy texture..
I was thinking that the dough would also be good with a pinch of cinnamon, and a pinch of cayenne pepper also, like a chocolate bar that I recently had that was really good.
I hope you like them :)
I like playing with chocolate :) I made some of these last weekend for a spring get together. Mine didn't turn out as pretty but they were very tasty. I've made other truffle recipes before but the avocado added a new touch. I will have to play with this some more.
Ancho chile powder works great with chocolate ;)
bgartman (author)  GlowGuy4 years ago
I'm really glad to hear that you liked the taste of them. I think most people are a little uncertain about making the recipe when they see avocado as an ingredient. It was really nice of you to add the comment that you made them- thanks!
firefly684 years ago
These are just so darned adorable! And the bumblebee...precious! I am in awe of creative people.

BTW, to substitute for the avocado, I'd think butter would be better than banana, replacing fat with fat. A typical avocado contains 22g of fat, so try adding 2 Tbl. more butter, also 22g of fat.
sdhardie4 years ago
What do you suggest as a substitute for someone who really hate avocado? :D These are adorable.
bgartman (author)  sdhardie4 years ago
Well, somehow they don't actually taste like avocado, so it might be worth a try for you (especially if you have a bunch of friends to help you eat them). Otherwise, I'm thinking banana might work too (I haven't tried that yet)

My 12 year old son and his friends like them, and my son is NOT a fan of avocado either.
Ah just saw below that you suggested banana. Will have to try it. Thanks!
hogtowner4 years ago
This is SO DARN CUTE and FUN! I like making candy which has some alter ego. Like Gummy frogs and chocolate boxes. This is the best truffle idea I have seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing this.
bgartman (author)  hogtowner4 years ago
Your Avatar photo is unbelievably cute! Thanks so much for giving such a nice compliment. I'm blushing! ....oh, maybe that's just a red chocolate smudge from the mushroom truffles :)
I hope you'll try making them, as the Droste cocoa/avocado/butter/confectioner's sugar/vanilla combo is surprisingly addictive .

..and thanks again
LARPkitten4 years ago
It looks like that little measuring spoon would make a great mold for flatter-shaped caps, too!

Do you lubricate the molds with a nonstick spray or oil of any kind? I'm sure they pop out easily after freezing, but if you use a mold that only holds one, would it be difficult to remove the mushroom after it's molded, before it's frozen? (I hope I'm making myself clear...)
bgartman (author)  LARPkitten4 years ago
I agree with you that the measuring spoon is a handy mushroom mold shape! I usually just whip them up by hand, as I think the slightly irregular shapes look more like natural mushrooms.
I didn't spray the mold, as the dough has a fair amount of butter/avocado in it, and this particular mold has a soft rubber flexible bottom that allows you to push the frozen mushroom shapes out easily. If I were using a mold that wasn't flexible, I think it would be best to use a non-stick spray on the pan.

I really appreciate that you took the time to write, and I hope you like the truffles when you make them
mary candy4 years ago
minerug4 years ago
It may interest you to know that in Indonesia, the advocado-chocolate combination is very popular. Everywhere you go sells a drink called 'apulcat' which is chocolate syrup, advocado and sometimes coffee blended together with crushed ice.
That sounds DELICIOUS :) Those are 3 of my favorite foods on earth!
bgartman (author)  minerug4 years ago
That actually sounds really good!
Mongpoovian4 years ago
Neat! I love the idea of the avocado-chocolate combination.
Mig Welder4 years ago
What a work of art!
Nice job :)
kathrynl4 years ago
This looks great! I'll have to try it next time I make truffles (but I will leave out the avocado, as I'm allergic to it).

You could add a hookah-smoking caterpillar on top for a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Tell the kids one side will make you grow really big and the other really small.
bgartman (author)  kathrynl4 years ago
...maybe a small banana would be a good substitute for the avocado?

The Alice in Wonderland scene is a fun idea. I'm not sure how to make a candy hookah though :)