Step 6: Mushroom Truffle Forest Cups

Picture of Mushroom Truffle Forest Cups
Mushroom Truffle Forest Cups

To turn your little mushroom truffles into little forest cups like the ones in the photo, you'll need to make a wonderful Mocha Mint chocolate clay base to set your mushrooms on, and decorate them with jelly beans and dyed coconut flakes.
Extra Ingredients:
Mocha Mint Chocolate Clay ingredients:

14 oz candy melts (light cocoa works well)
1/3 cup light corn syrup
1 tsp mint extract,
1/2 tsp instant coffee such as Starbucks Via Ready Brew

Flake coconut
Green food coloring
jelly beans

Extra supplies:
rolling pin
round cookie cutter (sized to fit your muffin tops), or sharp knife to cut clay into the shape you need to fill your decorative container
Muffin top cups or decorative container*

*These muffin Top Cups are like short, wide cupcake paper liners from "Cupcake Creations", and are slightly sturdier than the usual cupcake paper liners...You could just use little paper doilies, or cut down the sides of some pretty cupcake paper liners to be about 1/2" high. Another idea would be to use cardstock to shape a small shallow square shaped decorative tray.
Mig Welder4 years ago
What a work of art!
Nice job :)