Introduction: Magic Nails Trough Coin :how Make

Very cool trick for peoples to 7 at 77 years old.Make a gimmick for 1 $ very cool illusion.Very easy to do .Learn how make this cool gadget.


jugglingmaniac (author)2008-04-28

notice how he put the spike first in the side. in doing so it pushes down on the coin and flips the coin vertically allowing for all the other spikes to go down.

mrbob1000 (author)jugglingmaniac2008-04-28

OH! that makes sense...

xrobevansx (author)2008-04-28

I remember I got one of these as a kid in some sort of Happy-Meal.

mrbob1000 (author)2008-04-28

I dont see how to do this...

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