Simple to make, easy to use, and surprisingly versatile, these magnetic "nipples" are a great way to organize your life with a super fast hack. 

They're the equivalent to a hook, except they will hold anything that weighs less than a pound (ish) and has a magnetically attracted metal on it. Your keys, flashlights, pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, and multi-tools all can be held with these bad boys. And since you don't need any tools to create them, and they don't damage walls, these are unbelievably useful for dorms, apartments, and homes alike. Simply put, they are magic.

Step 1: Gather Materials

This is one of the best parts of this life hack; you only need two things. A 5g packet of Sugru, and a rare earth magnet. I got my magnets from ThinkGeek but they are also available at many craft stores, and even some grocery stores.

Not Pictured: You'll also need a wall. And a pair of hands. The pair you're using right now should be fine.
in the last picture w/ the note, you don't even need another magnet - leave a paperclip attached to the magnet, or near where you write your notes to self, and you can simply use that as a holder, eliminating the need to buy another magnet
Very true, I just had a bunch laying around anyway
lucky, i'm having to scrounge for em for my current project
Really like this hack. Did you try overlying the magnet with a layer of sugru, for a more tactile and visually pleasing mount, also makes it even more magic?
I am thinking if I am to move out later? How do I remove it?
They peel right off with no wall damage
hahaha!!! magic nipples XD
Neat! I like the name :p
Thank you very much sir. We found that using about a fourth of the packet of Sugru (approximately 1.25 grams) holds just as well as an entire packet. Unfortunately, we can't edit the Instructable to include this, but if anyone plans on doing this, you don't need that much to get good grip.

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