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Introduction: Magic Pan Organizer

I am the luckiest person in the world. I had the good fortune of getting some old wooden drawing / blue print drawers. In them I keep my drawing pens, pencils, markers, etc…. I like the drawers because they have a shallow depth. The problem comes in keeping the drawers organized. The drawers are designed for large sheets of paper; they are horizontally deep and do not open all the way to access the back.

To organize, I came up with using steel cookie pans / sheets.

The pans work great for a few reasons:
The first is the pans can be pulled out by grouping. If I want to use my markers - I just grab the pan and take them to my drawing table.
Another is that I can put the pans in the back of the drawers and still access them.

I put small folded note cards to direct the young artist in my house on which items can be used.

Step 1: The Before Picture

Pencils and markers everywhere.

They roll around everytime I open the drawer.
Well, when I dig for that one color - it did not help.

Step 2: The Magic Pan

A quick trip to the local dollar store and I picked up some cookie pans / sheets.

The pans measure (outside dimensions) 15 inches long, 9 ¾ inches wide, and 5/8 inches deep.

I first tried some aluminum pans, but they did not hold up and would bend.

The ones I purchased are nice steel construction.

Step 3: The After Picture

This is quick and simple - my drawers are organized.

The title cards helps the kids and guests.



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    My husband drags everything home and just showed up with one of these. Perfect timing. I know just what I'm doing with it now! Thanks!

    wow, I am glad for you, they are getting rare and hard to fine. Don't forget to go to the dollar store for these pans if you do not have extra pans.
    thank you for viewing

    Oh, I like this! thanks for sharing.


    I glad I can share, I really like instructables.
    Thank you for viewing and the comment

    I love instructables. It is addicting! So fun.

    Map drawers! The stuff of dreams!

    I still use the metal tackle box purchased for 7th grade art class. Putting foam/mesh shelf liner stuff in it keeps it quiet. Just a thought if rattle sounds bother you.

    Excellent idea, thanks
    This is why I like instructables
    Thank you again.

    Blue print drawers. I am truly envious. You are so lucky!

    Great project!

    Yes, I feel very lucky. When people come to our house, they go right to the drawers and start opening them.
    Thank you for the nice comment and viewing my instructables.

    This is very smart. Pens always get all jumbled and mixed up. I love blue print drawers too. I have a few I purchased over 10 years ago. I wish they were more affordable, they are good for many types of storage.