Picture of Magic Sandy Umbrella
Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, It is going to rain all night on Halloween. I built this magic umbrella with an iPod Touch and a pico projector. Hope this magic umbrella give my 6 years old daughter a great Trick-or-treat night and keep her dry.

Supplies Needed:

1 - iPod or iPhone
1 - Handhold projector (a typical 50 Lumin LED handhold projector costs $200-$300.)
1 - Cell phone holder
1 - Bicycle flash light mount
1 - Umbrella
1 - Halloween dacoration light
Scary Halloween videos

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Step 1:

Picture of
IMG_0321 (Custom).JPG
From left to right: cell phone holder, bicycle flash light mount, and umbrella made by light color fabric.
The cell phone holder can be found in many cellphone shops or at eBay.

Disassemble the cell phone holder into three pieces-gripping cradle, goose-neck, and suction cup. We don't need the suction cup. 

Wrap the grip tape around the goose-neck, and attach the goose-neck with bicycle flash light mount.

Step 2:

Picture of
IMG_0356 (Custom).JPG
IMG_0358 (Custom).JPG
I used a laser projector because of its nice colors and focus free feature. But you can easily find a much cheaper and brighter handhold projector at eBay or Amazon. In theory, any portable projector should work. A typical 50 Lumin LED handhold projector costs $200-$300. 

Mount the goose-neck on the umbrella tube. Bend the goose-neck to adjust the angle of the pedestal head. 

Put the pico projector inside the gripping cradle, and connect the pico projector with iPod Touch.

Step 3:

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IMG_0361 (Custom).JPG
Glue the Halloween decoration light on top of the umbrella.

Step 4:

Picture of
Produce several animated videos with scary sound effects using PowerPoint and Camtasia. Copy videos to iPod. 

Step 5: Final View

Picture of Final View
Here is what the finished product looked like.
Now, you can turn off the lights and have fun!!!
bajablue2 years ago
Congratulations on this Autodesk-winning Entry, Wei_TO!!!
Wei_TO (author)  bajablue2 years ago
Thank you bajablue. My daugher and I are super excited.
bajablue Wei_TO2 years ago
YAY for you both! ;-)
bview2 years ago
Very interesting! I want one!
Wei_TO (author)  bview2 years ago
It is very easy to make your own magic umbrella if you get a nice handhold projector.
poofrabbit2 years ago
What an amazingly cool idea!
Wei_TO (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago