Magic Stick Trick

This is a classic magic trick. It's very simple and very effective. I'll show you how to perform the trick, and show you how to make your own. Have fun!
<p>really nice</p>
<p>really nice</p>
Very cool
Must have scrolled threw the instructions ._.
awesome ! and also so easy! thanks
i still can't do it :(
amazing gotta do this to my kids.thx4sharing it here.Best Regards from Germany
OMG I tried this trick out on my siblings (9 &amp; 7) and they were totally shocked they loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!
that was superb dude. simple yet cool
wow, thats so cool. i have to try that!
that trick was really amazing....:) :)<br>
y cant i c da trick?<br>:(<br>
Nice trick
wowowow, simple but cool, my gf will love it and maybe that would be 200% + points for me for another hot night.
Stop worrying about boning your girlfriend.
Cool! Did you use Paint, or something else.
Great trick. I fooled both my brother and my dad. My brother started doing math in his head and figured out that it would always come to orange. I'm surprised my dad didn't figure any of it out on his own. :) It's great. Mine is basically the same, only I don't have color ink, so I had to cut out some vinyl sticker and use that instead.
that is so cool <br>
amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg! <br>
nice trick<br>
<p> BOY U FOR REAL !!!</p>
kool lol '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' lol
A neat one.
WOW!!! cool trick!!! fast hand
really cool now i gotta start eating some Popsicles to make this<br>lol
I did that and my grandma went all crazy
this is soo cool! could you posibly post a printable of the patern for the colors? that would be great! :D good instructable too! :D
the video is private and not able to see
awesome :D
Really smooth flipping motion. Couldn't even tell...well, I guess that is the point of magic!
you could tell he had two stick at the beginning. he should have done what kiteman said
but he dident have 2 sticks stupid<br />
he means he made it before the thing showed him how with only one popsicle stick, not glueing two together. i dont really know what the problem is, because you can do the same trick with one or two sticks.
yes he did<br />
holy moly you are dumb for someone who claims to be a &quot;mastermind&quot; you cant even spell it right so so sad<br />
well apparently you don't get it<br />
well apparently your parents never taught you spelling was important and that well traveling through grade school you got Straight is on your report cards but were pushed through because they hated you. Have a nice day =D&nbsp; <br />
fail<br />
yes you do fail I hope you enjoy painting homes for the rest of your life<br /> <br />
you're kinda stupid. cause matstermind is right, he did have two sticks, he stuck them together. and i think what he's saying is that the stick is too thick to be an ordinary popsicle stick, so people would suspect that the thickness has something to do with the trick, when it doesn't. and anyways, the point of a username is that it doesn't have to be a real word &ndash; who says he tried to spell mastermind and spelt it wrong? cause acaron isn't a real word either, unless you haven't realised. stop being a prat and jumping to conclusions. oh and btw, before you start telling other people off for their spelling, you might want to check your grammar. =.=' and what the hell does painting homes have to do with anything whatsoever?!
did you watch the video? he clearly glued them together
you can tell they are not because he adjusted them a couple of times

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