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The Magic Stop Telcom Drop allows me to play a 20 second message through the shown (Unmodified Modem) to each and every unwanted call. It uses the following circuit and devices: At the press of a button it activates the modem; plays a 20 second message and then tuns the modem off. AND YES - This is an internal modem being controlled by an Analog Device and IT WORKS !


2 inches by 2 inches

- Radio Shack 20 Second Record / Play module (9v)

- 555 Timer Chip (Using 100uf 50v Electrostatic Capacitor; 40K Resistor & 100K Potentiometer)

  ..... Timing can be adjusted from 10 to 25 seconds

- 4N25 Phototransistor Optocoupler (for triggering the 555 Timer & the Radio Shack Play Module)

-  9v to 5v 7805 Regulator

-  (2) opposing Zener Diodes for Spike protection from modem connection

-   Socket for an Adaftruit 315 Mhz 4 button remote module (Momentary Non-Latching)

-  DPDT On / Off switch to separate Modem from Telcom Drop for adjusting Timer and Recording Message.

-  External Dial 10K Potentiometer for Message Volume.

-  2.1 mm DC Power Jack for 9 volt DC 300-400 ma Wall Adapter.

- Jumpers for:

 .... Setting 9v or 5v control to the modem.

 .... Setting NPN or PNP transistor control logic to the Modem.

  .... Setting Button Control of remote  (1 only): A, B, C or D


With the Telcom Drop powered up and connected to my Internet VOIP / Router installation Message recorded and timer adjusted I am ready for any unwanted call.

When a call comes in and I see it on my Television and its and unwanted call I push the play button and the Telcom Drop does its thing. It tells the modem to answer the call and play the message then turn off the modem.

Ultimate Unexpected Result:

PRIVACY When you want it.  99% of the Recording being done (Eavesdropping)  is done by the phone lines via speaker phones. So another option is to activate the modem & play the recording and press the LOCK BUTTON on the case that will keep the message going until you are done with your private conversation.  Press the UNLOCK BUTTON and the unit releases the MODEM and is ready for use on the next unwanted call.

The final boards will be ready in about 2-3 weeks so I can make one for my family and all that want it as well.

DISCLAIMER: This device is designed to work via a Internet VOIP / Router installation but, will work on normal lines too. Magic Stop is not associated with Magicjack ® but, we use it proudly in our device testing.  All systems we work with are used ONLY on VOIP / Router configuration so we are in compliance with FCC rules at all times. Check with your phone company before connecting any device to their lines to see if its okay.  And if its AT&T let them know Robert Cooper said hello :)

More information can be found at: | | Youtube


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Recently you unpublished one of my Magic Stop instructables. Before I make another I thought it best to see if I can make reference to Seedstudio as Adafruit does not carry the new Spark Core Microprocessor with built-in wifi. Prior to this device it would cost people over $100 to have a Micro-Processor and a WiFi Card.

So I would like to get the word out about this new product available at SeedStudio:

There are alot of Instructables that reference this company.

May I also reference Studio ? Or if not, do you have another supplier that is currently selling the Spark Core ?

I just don't want to get in this "Well maybe they will let me publish".



Hi Penolopy, I understand. I put this one on Youtube where they can find it through my channel from my other Instructable. So if I understand, no one except authorized sellers can sell on your site; Correct ?


magicstop (author)2014-02-08

Video of 1st & Final Prototype - PCB Boards available in 3 weeks. Assembled Device available sometime in May 2014.

magicstop made it! (author)magicstop2014-02-09

magicstop (author)magicstop2014-02-10

skippershoneywell (author)2014-02-08

So, is this an advertisement, or an Instructable? If this is not an advertisement, please include instructions! Otherwise, please remove this posting.

Thanks for reply and they're fair questions. YES & YES. If I may, I would only ask that you consider that this device does not currently exist and it will never be figured out by most people out their and just like a lot of Instructables that point to things that are available in kits, i.e., & many others, it will be fairly easy to build this unit by obtaining a copy of my PCB board. However, there is a Patent on devices that provide a Telephone Line Subscriber the ability to connect and disconnect their lines in an automated fashion. Only one way exits to work outside of that patent and my Telcom Drop device & configuration that device.

I will also offer assembled units (at a fair price) sometime in the future that are manually operated and do not include the Adafruit Receiver & Transmitter button. The modem used does not need to be modified at the hardware level in any manner therefore the OEM FCC Certification remains valid.

so, this instructable of my Telcom Drop device is not selling anything as its not the final product that will be available in April or May. The final board is only 2" x 2" that goes in a case with a 9 volt battery (Inside or outside); a condenser mic; a small speaker and two momentary push buttons.

And as a side note this device can be used to broadcast Audio on your phone line therefore preventing any eavesdropping whatsoever.

Being this device is new and does not current exist; I am not selling this version; and it basically promotes "100% Home Privacy with Absolute Conevenice" I see not reason to remove it; do you ?

I'm sorry, but no. Your device seems to be a single purpose item, whereas

Raspberry PI and others are basically tools which allow/require user
modification/programming, etc. Yours does not appear to be of this
type. In other words, what other obvious uses would your device have?

also know that Instructables receives corporate support and promotes
some of those products, but this site really shouldn't turn into the
back pages of Popular Electronics. Maybe that's where your write-up
belongs? At least in those types of publications I can avoid the ads if
i want. Here I have no choice. Good for you, ANNOYING for me.

I have to disagree with you on 2 points. First, everyone has to "Purchase" an Arduino or R-PI; Correct before they can do those various things not found in Popular Mechanics ? If you search Adafruit here you get 100's of Instructables.

Secondly and most important to me, Do you really assume that an Internal or External Modem is the only thing that can be connected to and be controlled by my Telcom Drop Device ? Nope, lots of uses and we will spell them out one at a time once these start showing up as creations by and for those whom buy the PCB boards. PCB Boards that only serve to make life a lot easier for the person who chooses to regain "100% Privacy with Convenience" and the many other options to come once they have the unit constructed. You know of any relay card out their that will let you pull down on a relay from either the positive or negative side and give you option of 5v or 9v ? Nope !

Maybe a better approach would of been to question me on the different devices my device can control. Next step is to move in to Arduio & Spark Core control of this and other devices using a Mobile phone of which has already been coded and tested.

magicstop (author)magicstop2014-02-08

I forgot to mention that the Radio Shack Voice Recorder will need to be modified to connect directly to Telcom Drop but, that's and easy rework.

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