Magic Table





Introduction: Magic Table

Step 1: Table Frame

Make table frame

Step 2: Table Top

Make Table top and cut

Step 3: Holes

Make holes in table top

Step 4: "Table Cloth"

and stick like this:

Step 5: Montage Table Top

Screw table-top

Step 6: Lock

Make lock

Step 7: Finish


Good luck



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    6* easily aggread

    wait evil, i seem to see a "be nice" comment policy near the make comment button...

    I think most people are missing the point that this is a piece of a magic trick
    so when he says Magic table, he means it.
    its not supposed to be a full sized table...

    Semms like someone just ripped this off, dfivx screenshots and no real instructions, pathetic.

    1 reply

    that would make a awesome work table, tank what im working on apart flip for tool and screw storage, when done repairing flip back and have all my stuff back on top.

    this is a very cool device but i really cant figure out a use for it

    2 replies

    You could make it bigger.

     um... use it to hide away your unfinished projects from people with distractable eyes. or better yet, when someone complains about your mess flip the table-top and voila! mess gone ;-)

    Dinnertime. Mom tells you to do the dishes. Wait until she leaves the room, and FLIP! No more dishes!

    6* definitely awesome noone can argue with that and if they can they are just negative and heartless.

    cool but how do u make the frame

    i've got it.

    you make the split long-ways instead of width-ways so that there is less to swing, and put it smack dab in the center. then you can attach the cloth to the complete outer edge of both sides. full coverage and easier to swing without watching out for the fan!

    plus you could use the idea i mentioned below by attaching the cloth to the surface near the center of the leaf that will be in the back, so that it'll pull it up and hide it better. or use a spring to attach it right on the seam so it can be tight when there's nothing in it, and stretch when there is.

    2 replies

    A picture's worth a thousand words, but some times you do need an explanation of your steps. This is really cool but it's really vague when you only have 3-4 words to go on.