Picture of Magic Table

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Step 1: Table frame

Picture of Table frame
Make table frame

Step 2: Table top

Picture of Table top
bestplayer1 2007-11-06 20-14-24-31.jpg
Make Table top and cut

Step 3: Holes

Picture of Holes
bestplayer1 2007-11-06 20-14-31-25.jpg
Make holes in table top

Step 4: "Table cloth"

Picture of
bestplayer1 2007-11-06 20-14-42-32.jpg
bestplayer1 2007-11-06 20-14-45-43.jpg
bestplayer1 2007-11-06 20-29-50-39.jpg
bestplayer1 2007-11-06 20-17-28-26.jpg
and stick like this:

Step 5: Montage table top

Picture of Montage table top
bestplayer1 2007-11-06 20-15-03-68.jpg
bestplayer1 2007-11-06 20-15-11-68.jpg
Screw table-top

Step 6: Lock

Picture of lock
Make lock

Step 7: Finish

Picture of Finish
bestplayer1 2007-11-06 20-15-36-35.jpg
bestplayer1 2007-11-06 20-15-37-71.jpg
bestplayer1 2007-11-06 20-15-39-07.jpg
bestplayer1 2007-11-06 20-15-40-71.jpg

Good luck
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grundisimo5 years ago
6* definitely awesome noone can argue with that and if they can they are just negative and heartless.
1. there are no dimensions that are shown,labeled or whatever whatsoever, making it impossible to build.
2. there are no tips in view.
3. there are no actual instructions.
4. judging by the fact that the words in the photo are repeated, this was copied of Google images.
5.first instructble points are not recevible due to the fact that nothing along it's lines was mentioned (e.g. btw, FIRST INSTRUCTBLE!!!
6. no introduction.
look at those six sad frowny faces.
XOIIO was right, what happened to quality screening?
Last time I checked, saying it deserved a rating of six stars didn't automatically mean I liked the way it was presented. The idea itself is worth six stars, not necessarily this Instructable (notice the "a" in between the t and the b. Something you seem to think is irrelevant). Also, generally in the English language that first letter of a sentence is capitalized and the proper use of punctuation is encouraged. And another thing you misstated, "there are no dimensions that are shown,labeled (there should be a space before labeled) or whatever whatsoever (I'm pretty sure the proper way of stating that is shown or labeled whatsoever. Whatever is completely irrelevant in the statement), making it impossible to build (also false. The match sticks on the table could serve as a reference. If that seems too hard to accomplish, a user's reproduction of this table doesn't have to be exactly the same as this one. As long as the same design is used, the size doesn't matter). Lastly, "what happened to quality screening?" What happened to educated comments and proper grammar?

6* easily aggread

you put up a fine point. my grammar is not the best, nor is my spelling. yes, the matchsticks can be used to figure out the dimensions, but the point stands:

little to no effort was put into this, and the author expects you to be able to pull out the dimensions from thin air with your psycokinetic powers.

wait evil, i seem to see a "be nice" comment policy near the make comment button...

That is amazing! I want one!
XOIIO2 years ago
Semms like someone just ripped this off, dfivx screenshots and no real instructions, pathetic.
yokozuna XOIIO2 years ago
and yet it gets a front page feature... clearly one of my students.
XOIIO yokozuna2 years ago
It shows how much quality screening has gone down ver the years here.
soooo true.
I think most people are missing the point that this is a piece of a magic trick
so when he says Magic table, he means it.
its not supposed to be a full sized table...
you should write the steps aswell
cmlucht3 years ago
that would make a awesome work table, tank what im working on apart flip for tool and screw storage, when done repairing flip back and have all my stuff back on top.
ismailkumar4 years ago
gooooood v good
ninjaknow5 years ago
this is a very cool device but i really cant figure out a use for it
You could make it bigger.
 um... use it to hide away your unfinished projects from people with distractable eyes. or better yet, when someone complains about your mess flip the table-top and voila! mess gone ;-)
That is pretty AWESOME!
eyebot1175 years ago
Dinnertime. Mom tells you to do the dishes. Wait until she leaves the room, and FLIP! No more dishes!
swimmer955 years ago
cool but how do u make the frame
thinkdunson6 years ago
i've got it.

you make the split long-ways instead of width-ways so that there is less to swing, and put it smack dab in the center. then you can attach the cloth to the complete outer edge of both sides. full coverage and easier to swing without watching out for the fan!

plus you could use the idea i mentioned below by attaching the cloth to the surface near the center of the leaf that will be in the back, so that it'll pull it up and hide it better. or use a spring to attach it right on the seam so it can be tight when there's nothing in it, and stretch when there is.
You mean make both pieces spin, right?
thats a pretty good idea!
A picture's worth a thousand words, but some times you do need an explanation of your steps. This is really cool but it's really vague when you only have 3-4 words to go on.
dvnfntn5 years ago
PKTraceur6 years ago
Hmm... great idea, really, but it need more instruction. (INSTRUCTables?) Im not sure about how the lock works, but I think I got the rest. -RoAr
What a great way to clean the table after dinner.
How did u make the frame?
Nifty but needs refining. Also could do with some better aesthetics. I wouldn't want this in my living room. Even if you used better, more attractive materials I think it would be hard to make this one look classy.
not really... that's what trim was invented for. keep all the mechanics enclosed under the trim and you'd never see anything but a normal table besides the gaps between the sides. besides, there's always a table cloth to cover the whole thing. as long as the legs look good, you can't fail!
Grey_Wolfe6 years ago
Could have the cloth go all the way to the end that doesn't move, instead of just to the seam. It'll still work the same, and it'll look a bit more refined. Over all, this isn't a bad idea.
or attach the center point of the cloth to the hinges with springs so it can stretch however far it needs to accommodate the contents, and when nothing is in it, it'll be pulled all the way tight. depending on how good your springs are.
cybergenie6 years ago
Well, he SAID is was a magic table. Maybe the table frame is made with magic?
Dipankar6 years ago
GREAT IDEA , keep it up, Though it will be hard to make without proper instructions which it is lacking. Check out my Design Cutting Table with revolving top in craft Section.
No offense but I have to use your comment as an example. When you say "it will be hard to make without proper instructions which it is lacking" Obviously it can't be too hard because this guy made it without having an instructable for him to use. I see similar comments a lot on here and while I agree that a step by step guide makes things much easier, thinking it through enables you to learn a lot more!
I fully agree with you but---------------------------------------still...............................
Cool, I'm glad that didn't sound to a-hole-ish(is that understandable?) because I wasn't really even disagreeing with you.
Whoa! Very cool. Good job.
fritsie1236 years ago
This is absolutely brilliant! Your instructables demonstrates that the human mind can and will come up with the most creative ideas. Perhaps there is hope for us all yet! :-)
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