Hey everyone, here is a very cheap idea for a bookmark that will never fall out of your book!

Step 1: Materials!

So get a flat magnet and cut it down to about the size shown in the pic.

Step 2: .......

 fold it in half and crease

Step 3: DONE

 fold over your page and close book
THANX for tuning in!
I have a bookmark similar to your bookmark. I would like you to make an instruction about it. You don't even need to mention me but just let me use your instruction in the future, please!
<p>what do you need me to do?</p>
i have one from Highlights
Clever idea for those lame things that come in junk mail sometimes!<br />
Instructables is about sharing ideas not getting the best rating.&nbsp; &quot;r8t high&quot;&nbsp; equals rate zero to me.<br />
&nbsp;jeez luois don't be such a downer man ;D
It was a good instructable, but I personally feel that asking for a high rating kinda ruins it.<br />
&nbsp;alright if u see it that way ill edit it our thanx for at least commenting!
&nbsp;agreed, good instructable, great ideas but more people will actually rate it if you dont ask... found that out the hard way.
&nbsp;ok thanx for te advice i fixed it!&nbsp;
also if you wanted you might be able to get more views and have a chance at something if you wanted to enter it into the Homemade Holidays Contest. just do something a bit more. take a tassel or color it or&nbsp;something.

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