Step 8: WHY?!

Picture of WHY?!
Why would I do this, besides boredom and insomnia?

Well, the magic wallet is cool, but not practical if you have more than 10 or so bills, and you can't add more than a few at a time. Thats the reason for the money clip. One the other hand, it works GREAT with receipts.


Simple. The old wallet had no room for my baby pictures. Since I'm a guy, I rarely head to wal-mart or wherever to get my pictures developed. But I do have a ton of pics on my digital camera. Well now I have 512MB of pictures of my baby with me at all times.

Below is a screen shot of what it like when I plug in my wallet.

This is my first instructable so I'm sure there are mistakes. Thanks for looking.
nice wallet 5*s
Seanzee7 years ago
lol that picture makes your baby look like he's holding the camera and taking a picture of himself like for myspace or something nice instructable and cool idea