Introduction: Magic Loop Knot

In this Instructable I show you how to magic an easy magic loop knot sometimes very helpful.

It is a quick knot to make and can be useful when you need a temporary loop on a rope.

Step 1: The Beginning

Picture of The Beginning

Take a rope.

Then make a loop with the right part under the left part of the rope.

Step 2: The ''difficult'' Part

Picture of The ''difficult'' Part

Take the rope and put a part into the loop you've already made.

It's important not to put he entire rope in the loop!

Then bring the left part of the rope to the right side.

Pull on this part to tie the knot.

You're done!

Step 3: The Magic Part

Picture of The Magic Part

Now you can simply undo the knot pulling like on the pictures on both ropes.

Your rope is again knot free !


kode1303 (author)2014-11-07

Magic? Nnnaah ... maybe not so. Try the "Dick Turpin Knot" ;-)

Moose Dr (author)kode13032014-11-07

Love the Dick Turpin or Highwayman's knot. I looked it up on youtube and found: He spends over 5 minutes discussing the history of the knot, then does an excellent job of showing how it is made. 'Seems like a very effective rope quick-release.

Nariem (author)Moose Dr2014-11-08

The "Dick Turpin Knot" is based on this knot. This one is the base, the simpliest one ;) But thanks I didn't know about the Highwayman's knot !

tomatoskins (author)2014-11-07

Slip knots are so extremely handy!

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