video Magic with fire!
Matchstick tricks. Booooooooring. Well this one isn't! Just watch.
Oh, a few things:
The only editing to this clip was:
-the forbes logo at the beggining
-the music
-I cut the length down to the bare minimum, but no speeding up or slowing down was used.
-The instructional text
That's it.

Oh and to everyone who voted for this in the competition, I wanna say a BIG thank you! I wouldn't have won otherwise
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tazcat20055 years ago
holy crap this magic trick works this thing is frickin insane and actully works
Lowney (author)  tazcat20055 years ago
Yeah it's pretty cool isn't it?
strato965 years ago
OMG!!!! first prive!! congratulations!@!
Lowney (author)  strato965 years ago
And congratulations to you as you have just made:
strato96 Lowney5 years ago
Seriously!? thats Kool!
Furloy5 years ago
nice trick! btw what did you win?
Lowney (author)  Furloy5 years ago
First Prize! So that's an instructables T-Shirt, stickers and a Flip Mino HD camcorder!
this was awesome i tried it it was cool, did u get my message
Lowney (author)  LEGO SN1P3R[-_-]!5 years ago
I will make you an avatar, but don't be shy to post on my orangeboard lol.
Prodigity5 years ago
Nice trick =D
Congratulations btw =)
Lowney (author)  Prodigity5 years ago
Thanks! (BTW that NES controller thing is not going too well, but I am still trying!)
 Nice dude.
Lowney (author)  ricochet32125 years ago
Thanks! Same to you about your icon!
Lowney (author)  EncasedDeath5 years ago
Thank you!
no prob
Lowney (author)  EncasedDeath5 years ago
Ooooh you have made my 900th comment!
I only have 103 comments :(
Lowney (author)  EncasedDeath5 years ago
Yeah but you've only been a member for one and a bit months. I joined in February 09
know, lemonie has almost a thousand. :(
I have seen people with aroud 10,000 comments..I have around 400 now...
yeah i know , i wish i had that many
Lowney (author)  EncasedDeath5 years ago
because i want more comments and to talk to more people. idk y i just do
Lowney (author)  EncasedDeath5 years ago
 Fair does
Lowney (author)  EncasedDeath5 years ago
 Fair does: (ie. "Fair enough")
oh ok ive never heard anybody say that. but i guess you dont want a lot of comments.
Lowney (author)  EncasedDeath5 years ago
 I'm not really that bothered about my comments. As it stands I have about 1,300 but hey. Maybe Fair Does isn't really used in the states?
wow i only have about 475 comments.i dont think fair does is used in the states.
Lowney (author)  EncasedDeath5 years ago
What, really? I thought he would have way more
kiteman has over 20,000
Lowney (author)  EncasedDeath5 years ago
gratz on winning
Lowney (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
 Thank you!  :)
Possible winner!
Plus i voted!
Lowney (author)  RMConstruction5 years ago
Thankyou, and I won the camera!
Woohoo! (do they post to the uk?)
Lowney (author)  RMConstruction5 years ago
Yes. (Contrary to the official rules...) I got an e-mail from a Forbes reporter and Fungus (admin) saying that I will recieve postage details soon, when they've fixed the (currently broken ]-:<) prize claiming system
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