Step 3: Finishing the Head

With the rough shape of the head carved out, we then started on the detail work.

We used a Dremel with various small cutting burs to carve the scales and other details. We also sanded the teeth down nice and smooth, as well as clean up any rough edges.

Once the details were carved, we painted it with acrylic paint, and covered it with antiquing glaze at the very end to give it a more aged look.

The eyes from the kaleidoscope were held in place with a couple dabs of hot glue, and the speaker and red LEDs were positioned and then held in place with hot glue as well.

I didn't get any photos of the mounting of the thunder globe in the mouth, but the globe and it's accompanying electronics were held in place with a couple of zip ties that were screwed into the head to hold it steady.
its so cool but i dont know where to get the stuff. can enter it in the contest <br>
Thanks! :) The harder to find items (which is mostly the electronic components) have a link to where you can find them on the above instructable... The other items can often be found at your local hardware store or Radio Shack. <br> <br>The trick to a project like this is to improvise with what you have available... and heck, that's half the fun, making something cool out of a box of parts, right? There really is no 'wrong' way to make something like this. :) <br> <br>I actually entered this in last year's ('11) Halloween contest, and won 3rd place in the props category. Thanks for your interest!
It's amazing that you carved the head from a solid piece of wood! I might ask my friend to turn over his Thunder Globe to me, or allow me to liberate it...
Thank you! Well, technically it was two solid pieces of wood. ;) We had thought of a number of ways to incorporate the thunder globe into the staff, ultimately going with the dragon. We used that particular block of wood simply because it was what we had lying around at the time... Good luck!
Wow. Really impressive!
Thank you! I should mention that young Tom helped on this project by soldering up the Wave Shield by himself! Hopefully next year he can do even more!

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