Picture of Magical Hat :)

Who said hats with characters were just for little kids?

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Step 1: What you Need

Picture of What you Need
Sewing materials (sewing machine, needle, thread, bobbin, scissors, etc.)

-1 yard of fleece (color of your choice)
- jersey knit for the lining (you can use an old t-shirt :D)
- stuffing (for ears--if you want them)
-various other colors of fleece and other embellishments for decorations...
          for example:
pikachu beanie:
          -1 yard yellow fleece
          - scraps of black fleece
          - scraps of red fleece
          - scraps of white fleece

totoro beanie:
           -1 yard gray fleece
           - 1/4 yard white fleece
           - scraps of black fleece
            - black yarn/embroidery thread (for whiskers)
yup. :)

Step 2: Cut Out

Picture of Cut Out
Cut out four rounded triangles, 6 inches tall and wide (pictures 1 &2)
bottom band: 6 inches wide, 24-26 inches long (depending on the size of your head)

White Jersey-
Cut out four rounded triangles, 6 inches tall and wide (pictures 1 &2)

Step 3: Top

Picture of Top
Sew two of the fleece triangles along one curved edge (see picture #1-- sew along the line)
Open the two triangles up and place another triangle aligned with the triangle on the right (see picture #2)
Sew along the line in Picture 2.
Do the same with the last triangle (picture 3).
Sew the first and last triangles together the same way. (see picture 4)

Repeat with the white jersey.
(picture 5)

Connect the two layers by keeping them inside out and placing them on top of each other. Sew along the outside half-circle on the edges to connect them. This way when you take the hat off, the lining won't flip inside out. Now, take the lining and flip it over the fleece so the right side of the lining is facing you and the right side of the fleece is inside.

Sew the lining onto the fleece around the rim.
Robocat132 months ago

can someone help me out? I don't really understand how I connect the two layers.. The instructions say sew the outside half circle edges, then flip it over and sew around the rim? What does it mean by half circle edges? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I'm really confused..

DUO00371 year ago
Awesome, sooo cute! and sooo easy to make!
Supa cute u should try 2 make a Apple =) i like apples! apples r cool
(i don't mean apple like Ipad/Ipod stuff like that i mean the food) or maybe even a pie hat! (theres nothing call pie besides pie..right =/)
except maybe Pi
(i don't want to sound stupid because i don't know what it is so im just going 2 say:) Oh yeah i've heard of those yeah...yeah... =/
PoniesSwag2 years ago
I made this today...SO awesome!!! I'm going to make a homestuck troll hat for my friend using this pattern!
HMice2 years ago
How do I add the ears, I am making Eevee
HMice HMice2 years ago
Finished! I just added the ears into the band. I would add pictures, but I already gave it to m,y friend and forgot. Great ible!
Unforchinitly it was 2 small
Wow loving these would it be able to make a hat that goes over your face? like a really REALLY long beanie or something?
HMice3 years ago
Nice! Just wondering, on the piplup hat you can't see the band, did you leave it out or.....?
Anyway loved it!
juliatheninja (author)  HMice3 years ago
I added white fleece over it when adding the decorations :)
KarishaWolf3 years ago
amaizing! i going to try make one X3
thx so much
Oh my, you would not believe the amount of squeeling that just happened when my daughters saw this on my screen. I have a feeling I'm going to be making a few Totoro hats! :) Thanks!
scoochmaroo3 years ago
These are super cute! Well done!! Do you have an etsy shop? I imagine these would be quite popular.