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Introduction: Magical Unicorn My Little Pony Hair! ¦ the Corner of Craft

In this tutorial I will be explaining to you how I achieved my latest hair colour! I love having lots of colours in my hair, and I think this is my favourite combination I've ever done! It does require you to bleach your hair, which is damaging, but the colours themselves aren't damaging at all :)

Step 1: Bleach Your Hair!

Although I have attached a video explaining how I bleach my own hair, I would definitely recommend going to a professional salon to have your hair lightened! Strong chemicals are used in the process and all too many people melt their hair by trying to lighten their own hair.

To attain the colour in the photo above, I lightened my roots using a 30 vol developer bleach bath and the lengths of my hair were purple. I lightened these using a 20 vol bleach bath, which I added a lot more shampoo to. I left these on my hair for 25 minutes and then shampooed it out.

Please do your research before attempting to lighten your hair as I don't want you to have chemical burns or bald patches from using a bleach that was too strong!

Step 2: Applying the Colour

The colours I used were

Directions Apple Green
Directions Flamingo Pink
Directions Lagoon Blue
Directions Violet.

These colours were all mixed with conditioner. This does make the colour be not as vibrant, but it also stretches the dye further, which is important if you have longer hair like me!

I just sectioned my hair horizontally, clipping up the rest of my hair. Then I took sections and applied the colours to them. I didn't have a system, I just applied the colours randomly. I tried not to have the same colour in the same place on two rows, but that is the only organisation I used!

Step 3: Wrap in Foil and Rinsing

As I coloured each section, I wrapped it up in foil to make sure that the colours didn't merge too much. Green and pink don't mix well together! If you're using colours that compliment each other more (such as red and purple, green and blue) then foiling isn't essential.

I them stuck a plastic bag on my head and left the colour on for two hours. As the colours are just a hair stain, they don't damage the hair and can be left on the hair for as long as you like!

I rinsed out my hair (DO NOT SHAMPOO) in cold water. Cold water will close the hair cuticle and stop the colour coming out your hair as quickly! Then just dry and style as desired.

Step 4: Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial of how I achieved this gorgeous hair colour here :)


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I love your hair

Wow nice hair.I Iike this type of color

it's so pretty! But I don't understand why people make their hair color permanent I they are going to change it so often?!

Wow! The colors are lovely and it suits you so well. Job well done *thumbs up for you*

This instructable is great but it assumes that I have hair. I am disappoint :(

Wow! This came out so well!!

Really great results. I never have the patience to do more than 2 colors at once and I never bleach, so I'm usually stuck in the red/pink/purple families. Your teal and blue look excellent!

Thank you so much! My hair is stained mint green so I struggle with reds :P