Maglite Clip Holder/Mount Mod - Intro





Introduction: Maglite Clip Holder/Mount Mod - Intro

To mount my Maglite just next to the gear levers of my Toyota Hilux 4x4. I used some ordinary clips you can pick up at any hardware store.

Step 1: Maglite Mount - Finish Up

Drilled the holes and used normal interior vehicle screws to mount the Maglite mount clips the right distance apart. Maglite 2D cell clips right into its DIY Maglite mount with absolutely no rattling around.
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Questions & Answers


i fitted a few of these type mounts around the house car, boat  and garage to hold the number of mini mag lights i have.
the only difference is i used plastic pipe clamps so not to scrape the torch body etc.
maybe plastic ones could be got for that size of torch too