Maglite Hack (ROP MOD)


Introduction: Maglite Hack (ROP MOD)

Hacking a maglite to make it 20 times brighter.



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    where do you buy the metal reflector and glass replacement? Can you change 2 C cell batteries the same way?

    thanks for the info

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    metal reflector was purchased from someone on CP ( candlepower)forms, 2 C battery would not have enough voltage.

    I should show this to my husband. He's been thinking about buying a million candlepower spotlight. He needs something nice and bright, this might do the trick.

    Also, the brightest bulbs are Halogens from Welch-Allyn or Osram.
    A WelchAllyn 01185-U bulb produces 1,300 lumens for under $100 and some work.

    In reality and with proper equipment, the output is 17.5 times brighter than the stock size Maglite with a normal bulb and fresh batteries.

    Also, if you had done your research, you would know that rechargeable batteries are only 1.2 volts, so you are only really getting about 7.2 volts our of that battery pack.

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    If you had done YOUR research, you would know that 7.2Vdc is still greater than 3Vdc, so it doesn't really matter, the voltage output is still greater. Idea: Use 3V rechargeable batteries (usually for digital cameras), they are slightly smaller but then you could mod the flashlight so it could carry xenon headlight bulbs. Probably won't last long but it would be very bright.

    why are you calling it a hack?...its modified not hacked...

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    the video says 10x brighter as well, not 20x

    Where can I get the AA Battery case? Jack

    Where can I get all of these parts please let me know.