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This is a magnet pulse engine and can be used to power almost anything. Just joking, not even close.

Materials: magnets, coat hanger, copper wire, candle, lighter, duct tape.

Procedure: 1. Take a coat hanger and shape it into the odd shape that I have.
2. Hang a magnet off of some thin copper wiring tied to the top of the coat hanger.
3. Put a couple of magnets on the hanging end of the coat hanger.
4. Put a candle in between the magnets and light it on fire, but you probably won't get it the first try
5. You have to fiddle around with it and get it just right so that the magnet is close enough to the other magnet that it will attract to the other magnet, but far enough away from the fire that it can cool down.
6. You have to get things just right, but with enough time and effort you will get it right.


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