Introduction: Magnet Repel Storage Box

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A simple box to store candy or other small items. Lets keep things simple.

Step 1: Measurements and Materials

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Materials needed for this project is:

- Transparent black acrylic

- Luminous green acrylic

- 2 magnets

The design drawings and measurements are in the pictures so you can take a look!

Step 2: Construct the Boxes

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Yea so just cut out the acrylic pieces and start sticking them together accordingly with superglue!

Step 3: Magnets Assembly

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Stick the magnets on the boxes on repelling poles. Just stick one magnet under the smaller box and stick the other one on the bigger box. The magnets should repel when faced together.

Step 4:

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Place the luminous green acylic piece into the smaller box. Don't superglue it so that you can change the colour piece.

Step 5: End Product!

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There you have it! The smaller box should float when placed in the bigger box when in open position. The magnetic float allows the smaller box to be taken out easily from the bigger box. Thanks for viewing!


rwlc (author)2017-06-07

Great use of imagination again! well done!

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