A handy Light in a pen activated by a magnet. Easy project

Step 1: Materials

What you need:

- drill
- electrical tape
- 3/16 in drill bit
- LED about 2.7v
- expo marker
- exacto knife
- reed switch
- soldering iron
- solder
- 9v battery
- wire cutters
- needle-nose pliers
- about 26ga red wire
- black sharpie
Nice idea and done well but the limited life of the batteries kill your project.... For the idea 5/5 for the job 3/5 total (average) lets say 4/5...:)
Both ordinary and rechargeable AAAA batteries are available to buy.<br> <br> (The rechargeables are rare as yet, e.g. only one supplier on Ebay, from Thailand.)
Hi QuicksilverRox, I have to say that this is a most excellent instructable! Partly the reason being that I have made an almost exactly similar highlighter LED light a couple of months ago! I also used 9V battery cells and a reed switch! You may think I am just trying to steal your shine, but honestly that is not my intent! It's just amazing how similar our ideas are... as they say, grate minds think alike! I mounted two small pieces of broken magnet in the cap thus the light will only shine when the cap is stuck on the back! Wonderful instructable anyway! Kind regards. (PS - I have added some pictures of mine I took as soon as I saw yours to prove it exists. I unfortunately don't have assembly pics. If you would like some pics I could disassemble it and post a instructable with some video as well.)
can it be done so that a magnet is attatched to the unit, and the led turns on when it is put on a metal surface? kind of like a fridge magnet light that turns on when u put it on the fridge and goes off when u take it off
I have finished a similar project. Guys with Macbooks (not PRO), you know of the magnets in the corners of the screen of a macbook. You need a reed switch, a keychain LED mini-torch, and a tiny metal plate (glued to the minitorch, to hold it on the magnet. Better glue a tiny piece fabric or leather on the surface of metal plate to protect Mac from scratches). Connect and enjoy the visible keyboard on those dark nights of chatting. Advice: might sandpaper LED to diffuse the light to a wider angle. When you stick the torch to the magnet, light goes ON. Take it off, light is OFF
oh oh oh! If your reed switch behaves like mine, they're also sensitive to a magnet being brought near one of the leads, rather than at the center (mine seem to be MORE sensitive in that direction!) So you might be able to put the magnet in the cap and carefully arrange the components so that when the cap is "on" the light is off, and when the cap is in the "on rear" position, the light is ON. Sorta like shown in the pic. Let us know if you try it!
Let me try to improve that picture a bit!
thats better lol
where can i buy a reed switch
i'd buy one <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.goldmine-elec-products.com/products.asp?dept=1189">here</a><br/>
This is really good, 4/5 stars!
1.) You have no current limiting resistor. 2.) What do you do when the battery dies?
I haven't thought about that but it is an led and it will last long enough
The LED will last, the batteries will not.
Very good Instructable! This would be a cool, undetectable micro-flashlight also! 5/5 stars.
You give out 5 stars like no tomorrow my friend... kinda defeats the exclusiveness of a 100% rating... 3.5/5
Sorry, I will stop giving out so many stars :-\. Best Regards, plane phanatic

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