Magnetic Altoids Stash





Introduction: Magnetic Altoids Stash

Seems like these altoids tins have infinite uses!

Here we are going to convert a tin into a stash to hang from any metal surface!
This is going to be useful for those who have a bunch of small parts sitting around on your workbench, the easiest little organizer you can make.

Another use for this is for hiding valuables around your house, place valuables inside the tin, and attach it to a metal surface out of sight.

Like leaving a spare key outside your home behind the A/C Unit

Or hanging up your brand new altoids clock
Post! I'd like to know what kind of uses you'd have for this!

Step 1: Materials

Here is the list of materials:

1. Altoids Tin
2. Magnets

The magnets I used came from ID badges from my old job that I had laying around.

Step 2: Assemble

Place the magnets inside the bottom of the tin

I put them at opposite ends, you can add more magnets if you want to hold heavier items.

Step 3: Fill 'er Up!

This is the part where you get creative and put your belongings inside.

Step 4: Attach to Metal Surface

Put your lid on nice and tight.

And slap it onto a metal surface and admire all the hardwork that went into this baby.

The only limit is the size of your items you want to hide, and the strength of your magnets.



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    Never put some thing in it like a crete card and donty put it near things like a computer

    This is one of the more common geocaches.

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    Boys, close your ears. I use this in my workplace bathroom to hide tampons. If you can't find something metal to stick it to, use dollar store peel and stick velcro.

    I have found that using a single magnet from an hdd write head it's possible to do 90mph and it wont come off the car roof or side now to get enough altoids tins and magnets to caver the whole car!

    Ive done this before as well as pin important papers to metal studs in my wall. I have 2 super magnets (as in can hold 60-60 lbs of steel) that are about the size of a quarter and about a half to three fourths of an inch thick that i used to pin a paper to the wall for about a week. The paper has been up there for about 2 weeks now without a magnet and going

    3 replies

    where can you get those babies at!? :D

    Dude! those are sweet!

    is there any moving parts on your clock???

    the clock isnt my idea, i just suggested that you can integrate my instructable with paper warrior's altoids clock instructable. and yes there are moving parts in his clock

    yep :) thats why i mentioned it too

    glue the magnets in and paint the tin black also seems like the classic rectangular tin would be better fro hiding. most of all: good idea!