Hello everybody,can you see This picture?it's a magnetic cannon.to make this,you have to gather materials.take a look a materials...
The first magnets are two strong bullet magnets,second are u shaped magnets,third are wall shaped magnets,fourth are circle magnets and fifth is a broken circle magnet with four pieces.

Step 1: Bullets of the Cannon

Stick the bullet magnets first.

Step 2: Sides

Now stick the wall magnets to the right and left side

Step 3: Angle Locked!

Attach a u shaped magnet at the at the down shaped angle.

Step 4: Evil Fire

Stick two pieces of the broken magnet at the upper point

Step 5: Wheelie!

Attach circle magnets to both sides

Step 6: Don't Hold Your Fire!

Now you are done!you can play with your magnetic cannon now!
<p>hi!i am sukiratA with a different account and I will tell u that cannon won't do nothing.</p>
<p>come on!this is a toy only</p>
Nothing happens.
<p>What happens?</p>

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Bio: I love to make paper planes instructables!i am a normal Indian kid.i make instructables for helping others and time pass.
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