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Introduction: Magnetic Cars

Transform a hot wheels car into a much cooler magnetic driven car. A really simple project, it will entertain your kids for hours.

Step 1: Gather Materials

All you need for this project: a hot wheels car, some magnets (small, thin magnets are better), and a thin piece of board, cardboard, poster material, plastic, or anything else you can think of.

For tools, you will need a hot melt glue gun.

Step 2: Glue, and Have Fun

Simply glue a magnet to the bottom of the car with the hot melt glue. If the magnet doesn't fit under the car, you can put it in front of or in the hot wheels. The closer you can get the magnet to the driving surface, the better.

Once the glue hardens, put the hot wheel on the thin material. Then hold another magnet under the car and move it around. The car should follow the magnet because they attract to each other through the thin material.

This is really fun for kids and will keep then busy playing for long periods of time.



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    where do you get servos from???

    I had a toy like this when I was a kid. It came with one car and a little wire bracket that could be attached to any hot wheels car. It had a circular plastic scene with hills and roads cut in it and a steering wheel that moved an arm underneath the scenery. By working the throttle the scene moved around faster or slower and the steering wheel would move the arm, which moved the car. If you didnt steer properly the car would come loose from the arm and the car would stop at that part of the scenery. Basically, think of a turntable or lazy susan with mountains and roads built on it. I remember playing with that toy for hours, though of course back then sizzlers were the smallest practical electric toy cars and radio control was for wealthy adults.

    It is so amazing, that such a simple thing can be this entertaining. I'm working with neodym magnets sind 3 years, and never had that idea. great :)

    No I mean can you use and electromagnet?

    Thats a really good idea. if you made a simple curcuit out of wood or whatever, and attached a simple motor with a belt, you could make it go by itself if you attach the magnet to the belt i suppose! might try this soon! Great Idea .


    I once found a toy called a magnetic theatre at a thrift store. A very similar idea to yours. It had little wooden figures with magnets that would slide around a cardboard stage by magnetic wands moved underneath the stage. The kids (5 and 6 y.o.) I bought it for really loved it. It's such a simple idea, but it's great. I bet the car works especially well, and I like the idea of just making your own magnetic theatre. Good job.

    nice project