Step 3: Prepare Your Media

This step is really self-explanatory: get the words onto something that will stick to your board.
  • If you're going to laser cut your magnets*, you'll want only the outlines of your letters with no fill. I cut at 20% power to score the vinyl enough that it can be peeled off the magnet but not so much that it cuts all the way through.
  • If you're printing, make your files and print to the magnet sheet.
  • If you're drawing onto the magnet, draw on.
  • If you're sticking cardstock or something to the magnet, do that.

Because not everyone has a magnetic surface in their classroom, I'd be curious to hear other ideas for affixing these words to your board. Maybe velcro on a cardboard sheet? Thumbtacks in a corkboard?

*Which you really should not do because of the horrible, no-good, very bad things you may inhale as a result of burning vinyl.
When we played Jeopardy in the classroom we divided groups as such:<br>1 person kept score for their group<br>1 person choose the topic and made the first guess then we went down the line<br>For final jeopardy, one person was designated as the writer to write down the answer. Maybe something similar to this can be used for your game, however I am having a hard time picturing this in action ( I think my brain is shot for today)<br><br>I'm thinking 1 person clue giver, 1person note taker, 1 person point tracker (and if you are doing multiplying such as in lower grades you can make the points worth more then 1 each so they skip count), 1 person reporter who tells the groups answer. Each round they rotate jobs.
Love this instructable! I've never played Funglish, but I think I have to get it, or make myself a game, thanks to your Instructable!
Definitely:&nbsp;<br /> <strong>large, orange, mechanical, man-made</strong><br /> <br /> Kind of:<br /> <strong>confusing, smooth</strong><br /> <br /> Not:<br /> <strong>wet, blue, human</strong><br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
The Instructables Robot!!!<br><br>Do I win a 23&quot; VIZIO Television???

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