Step 3: Prepare your media

Picture of Prepare your media
This step is really self-explanatory: get the words onto something that will stick to your board.
  • If you're going to laser cut your magnets*, you'll want only the outlines of your letters with no fill. I cut at 20% power to score the vinyl enough that it can be peeled off the magnet but not so much that it cuts all the way through.
  • If you're printing, make your files and print to the magnet sheet.
  • If you're drawing onto the magnet, draw on.
  • If you're sticking cardstock or something to the magnet, do that.

Because not everyone has a magnetic surface in their classroom, I'd be curious to hear other ideas for affixing these words to your board. Maybe velcro on a cardboard sheet? Thumbtacks in a corkboard?

*Which you really should not do because of the horrible, no-good, very bad things you may inhale as a result of burning vinyl.