Step 2: Getting Capacitors and Charging Circuit

First pry open all the disposable flash cameras so you see the chipboard. Then pick one you want as the charging circuit. Carefully take your pliers and discharge the circuit  by toching both capacitor legs at the same time with the pliers(a spark should occur). Do the same with all the other flash cameras but take the capacitors out by snipping them. Remember don't snip off the capacitor on the charger circuit.  
<p>Just buy 6 330uf capacitors, and put them in parrallel. It is much cheaper than buying $120 of camera.</p>
<p>Um.. I want to use 6 400v 330uf capacitors. Would the circuit be safe? I'm just a high school student. </p>
<p>I have been making and using this experiment for some time. It is comforting to know I am on the right track. </p>
<p>i don't understand the camera part you take 2 flash circuits and 2 capacitors so where are the other 4 capacitors??</p>
Where can I get six camera capitators <br>
<p>any Walgreens or rite aid will have them by the hundreds, just dont tell them you are using them to make coilguns or tasers lol...</p>
put it in a tubber ware container
here is a picture of a case made out of cardboard.
you need a case so you don't shock yourself

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