Step 13: Learn How To Use Your Key Before You Lock Important Things Inside

A bird in the hand is better than a lot of valuables in a sealed safe...

Regardless of how easy you could break into the safe with a crow bar, I am assuming you don't want to if you went through the trouble of building one. If you haven't recorded your key polarization combinations down on paper and you lose your key, you may be breaking out the crow bar to get into the safe. Keep that in mind.

Practice makes perfect, or at least most of the time...

This lock requires practice to unlock, like a lot of spinning combination locks do. So don't lock the safe until you are sure exactly how to unlock it. I suggest practicing with the safe door open. Go through the whole process multiple times until you can do it the first time every time. It took me 15-20 minutes of playing around with the safe door while it was open before I got it down. As you practice watch how your movements with the key effect the mechanism. Once you can do it enough to feel comfortable locking up important items enjoy your awesome hidden wall safe!

Thanks, for listening...

Thanks for your patience with me. I hope it inspires you to make your own:) and to take the ideas from the shoulders of the past and use them to make the technology of today the amazing of tomorrow!

Thanks for all your support!

Andrew Jorgensen