Magnetic Field





Introduction: Magnetic Field

This very simple electric motor is called a homopolar motor because the magnetic field does not change direction or strength. With only three parts, it is probably the simplest motor you can possibly make.



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    Like FireCrazyAlchemist said, you could use a wire hanger, just scrape off the coating and make sure you have continuity

    You can Sometimes Find it in Transformers,One is Long,And One is short,and Stiff. You could also Try CAT5,It has copper wire.

    Hi, it's really nice! But can you give us any tips on how to bend the wire like the shapes you have made, without getting very frustated?

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    You can use needle nose pliers. Sometimes called, Jewelry pliers. They can make small, sharp curls and designs.

    I found that if you put small dent in top of battery, it keeps the wire in place so doesn't fall off. Use a small nail or something with a with a point. Don't hit to hard or it will punch a hole in battery.

    Where did you get the idea to make this. Its pretty cool. Do you have any other magnet tricks.

    with thease do you have to change the battery trying to make one with cds and batteries that spins with magnetic power

    Does it drain the batt or just utilize the electrical feild?