Fish on!

Grab a cold one without ever leaving your perch with a magnetic fishing pole. This fishing line replaces the traditional lure for a powerful neodymium magnet which can be used to connect with the metal caps on unopened bottles. Provided you have a large and powerful enough rare earth magnet, you can successfully fish for a fresh cold bevvy and pull it towards you.

Ready to make? Let's go fishing!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Start by hammering a nail through a bottle cap in a few locations near the edge

Step 2: Epoxy Magnet

Mix up the 2 part epoxy and put a sizable dab inside the bottle cap
put neodymium magnet in the glue inside the bottle cap while the epoxy is still setting ensure that the hammered openings are clear of epoxy so we can thread the fishing line through after the epoxy has cured.

Step 3: Thread Fishing Line Through Cap

When the epoxy has set thread the fishing line through an opening of the bottle cap and weave the line through the remaining openings. Tie off the fishing line to create a secure connection.

Step 4: Gone Fishin'

Cast your line and catch a cold one from your favorite perch.
Most fishing lines can handle the standard 11.2oz / 1.5 lb (330ml/680g) bottle, however the limiting factor will likely be the magnet. Always cast carefully and ensure your have a secure connection between magnet and bottle beforfe reeling in your beverage.

Happy fishing!

<p>Nice! It reminds me of an adult version of this magnetic fishing game</p><p>http://www.amazon.com/Pressman-Toys-0055-06A-Lets-Fishin/dp/B00004YO0Y/ref=pd_bxgy_21_img_2?ie=UTF8&amp;refRID=19PSRD0D7XYPXBKTJHS9</p>
<p>This is cool</p>
<p>Even though I am a minor, I'd still make one of these for my shenanigans... Heh, I'd love to use one of these with my metal detector, I'd be unstopable.</p>
<p>Even UFO's like Mike's (step 4, neat .gif)</p>
<p>Great job !!! when you're in the garden with friends for a party .. :-P</p>
<p>Very nice!</p><p>My dad will be proud. Finally I am interested in fishing :)</p>
excellent..and when the fishes are beer bottle then it is more interesting
Clever. Great jon
<p>Real fishermen use harpoons. Try again. Haha.</p>
harpoons? cool!!!
You sir are a genius!
We're gonna need a bigger boat... Love this! ;)

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