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This is a fun magnetic game for car rides, being bored, and more!

Step 1:

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Get an empty Altiods can paint with black paint

Step 2:

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There. Add some stickers

Step 3:

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Get magnetic sheets right some words on them and cut out. You're done!


Blacky Cat (author)2016-03-22

I dont get it

Jackie__26 (author)2013-08-05

A- maz- ing!

Meriah (author)2013-07-25

WOW!!!! Look like so fun

Lexi_12 (author)2013-07-25

Sooooooooo cooooool!

Rosie7055 (author)2013-07-25

I wish I had one!!!!!! Those are so cool. I am definitely going to try this!!!!!!!

lleah (author)2013-07-25


lovekala (author)2013-07-25

Awesome sauce!!!

rosiepayne (author)2013-07-23

Love it

lanieinthehouse (author)2013-07-23

I am getting another craft ready

lanieinthehouse (author)2013-07-23

Thanks guys!

AbbyFabby (author)2013-07-20

Like it

lleah (author)2013-07-13


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